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Kirstie Alley Requires Two Hours of Sex A Day

These days, sisters are doing it for themselves.  Figuratively, anyway.  Literally, sisters are demanding at least two hours of sex every day.  Get it, sisters.

If you watch the little clip from Ellen above and skip to around the 1:24 mark, you can hear Kirstie begin to describe how sex goes down for her. And for any of you less mature people who might scream something along the lines of “gross, I don’t want to hear about no size 8 sex!”, calm your hearts, because Kirstie is one enlightened lady and you need to listen to her describe her style.  See, the two hours daily breaks down to “the prelude, the sex, the winding down,” followed by the “bye, get the fuck out!”  And that’s the most admirable game I’ve heard in a long time.

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