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Five Things I Noticed About Rupert Grint’s Milk Ad

Did you know that over in the UK, they’ve been ripping off those “Got Milk?” ads for like, a hot minute now? I did not. But after seeing this “Make Mine Milk” ad featuring Rupert Grint from the Harry Potter movies, I couldn’t help but notice a few things:

1) He’s wearing the same denim gap blouse-y jacket thing that most of the moms on my middle school’s PTA frequently dawned. The stylist on this shoot either hates him or he’s probably going to pull a Ricky Martin on us any minute now.

2) A little facial hair, have we? Oh, well that’s real fun. Trying to break free of your youthful image, Rupe? Great choice. Looks like you’ve been trying to grow that thing out for months. I’m guessing he’ll have a Full Conan within five years.

3) I’m pretty sure that the background he’s standing in front of was one of the alternative options in my elementary school’s class picture booklet options. Yeah, this one was definitely listed somewhere in between the stonewashed and lazer backgrounds.

4) Those eyes! He doesn’t look stoned at all! Impressive!

5) That milk mustache will never stop looking like jizz to me. Consider a new angle, Brits.

Anything else from the peanut gallery? Leave it in the comments.

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  • I know this is just a gossipy site and the comments are meant to be funny. However the reason #4 really doesn’t work? That’s not Rupert in the photo. The guy who is in the photo already admitted to this and fans have already debunked why as well as his publicist. Gossip or no, trying to destroy someone’s life with a fake photo is just tacky.

  • Whatever, like America doesn’t rip off European TV and film, specifically from the UK, and turn them into an absolute crappier version than the original!? I’m all for homegrown USA media but what you guys did to Life on Mars was an abomination!!! Don’t even get me started on all your Royal Wedding band wagon jumping considering how proudly declare yourselves a REPUBLIC….

    • i think i speak for a lot of people when i say, we didnt ask for all that media coverage of the wedding, nor did we want it, or talk about it. that whole thing was pretty weird actually…

  • Hell, yeah there’s more.
    The hair looks like a wet Carol Brady shag (with the back pieces hiding behind the huge collar).

  • Well, I guess that’s not really Rupert Grint. It’s just bad that they’re trying to ruin his name. Rupert has been very successful lately.