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Michael Jackson’s Kids Are Taking Up Acting, Because God Forbid They Have a Sense of Normalcy

Is anyone else completely horrified by the news that all three of Michael Jackson‘s kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket, are enrolled in after school acting classes? I mean, community theater is a perfectly acceptable activity for children, but all three of them are studying with a real acting teacher and reading books about “respecting the craft” and shit. Um, did the Jackson’s ever hear of soccer or Girl Scouts or something? Haven’t these kid’s lives been hectic enough without throwing the whole “child acting” thing into the mix?

Thankfully, Paris (who is freakin’ gorge, BTW) seems to be the only one of the three who’s really into the performance side of things. She’s been saying in interviews for quite some time that she wants to grow up to be an actress and that she and her father often improvised sketches around the house. According to Prince, he’d rather be behind the scenes working as a producer or director. Blanket? Well, God knows what he wants to do, but I’m guessing “changing his name to something other than Blanket” is on his shortlist.

Hey, Jackson family: How about pulling these munchkins out of the industry for a few minutes and letting them act like normal kids? Also, how about respecting Michael’s wishes not to have their faces plastered all over the place? You may recall that they had to wear masks in public for most of their lives, so why do you think he’d want them in front of the camera now? Yeesh.

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  • Please…. The reason those kids wore masks was because they were forced to hangout with Mj’s freaky ass.

  • First of all, Michael never was against having his children shown their faces. Please do some research. It was their mother who did not want it and requested it so. Michael had to accept it but he did not want it.

  • For those who wish to know the truth about Michael Jackson rather than the media sponsored agenda, respectfully I ask you to peruse these sources.

    FBI files found no wrong doing:

    “Was Michael Jackson Framed?” by Mary A. Fischer

    “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” by Aphrodite Jones (full book online):

    Article by Deborah Ffrench: “The Making of a Myth” part 1

    FBI Files support Jackson’s innocence; Media Reports Otherwise:\innocence.html

    Charles Thomson One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History:\html

    Michael Jackson: It’s Time For Outlets to Take Responsibility in Covering the Rock Star\html

    If Jordan had testified in 2005, Tom Mesereau was ready:

    Finally: The reality of Martin Bashir’s duplicity:

    william wagener at you tube shows how tom sneddon falsyfied evidence during 2005 trial and still lost the case see page 3 in particular

  • That’s right Zelle.

    And anyway, if you really care about these kids having a regular life, why did you even write this Mollis ?

    And noone cares about your opinion of Prince Michael II’s nickname.

    Any MJ truth doubters here ?
    See the links above.

    It’s bad enough “reporters” drop MJ’s name for attention.
    Now his kids ?