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Poll: What Do We Think of Blake Lively’s Red Locks?

Sarah posted a link to a story about Blake Lively‘s new hair color in one of today’s link round ups, but I think this radical change is worth a little more than a link, right? Blake Lively not being a blonde anymore? Yo, I could write a book about all my hair feelings.

I don’t think Blake looks any better, but I also don’t think she looks any worse. I recently dyed my naturally dark brown hair red, and after about a month and a half of attempting to keep it up, I went right back to my natural shade. Dyed red hair is hard to keep bright and shiny and I was spending about fifty bucks every month on getting my roots touched up. The change was a lot for me, but I’m sure that a celebrity like Blake doesn’t have to worry about the amount of money she drops at the salon.

Also, now that we’ve seen her pull off the red, I want to see her do something dark. It seems like she has that skin tone and eye color that can pull off any hue, which makes her pretty darn lucky.

Do you like Blake’s red hair? Vote in the poll and feel free to elaborate in the comments section.


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  • with that dress she looks like ariel from the little mermaid. in a very good way. can’t believe she abandoned her family for a prince…mermen are hot.

  • The pair had only dated six months when Prince
    Charles were married. Notably, all residents are afforded
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    He only glances at her occasionally and it’s just a little extra money?