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Eddie Winslow Is A Big Ol’ Creeper

A photo of Darius McCrary

It’s not really a surprise, is it?  Didn’t you always feel like Eddie had a little bit of a weird vibe about him?  You’d think that with fine parents like Carl and Harriet he would have turned out better, but it turns out that he’s just 100% pure creeper.

Eddie, or Darius McCrary for those of you playing the realism game, just got a restraining order filed against him by his ex, Karrine Steffans, for window peeping and cyber bullying. Here’s the story from TMZ:

It’s the latest TRO in a legal firestorm between Darius McCrary and his ex Karrine Steffans — according to the docs filed recently in L.A. County Superior Court, the actor began showing up at Karrine’s house unannounced in January … and it freaked Karrine out.

According to the docs, Darius would regularly bypass security in her gated community by sneaking through a rear entrance — and sit outside her home to wait for her to return.

Karrine claims Darius would then call her and ask her to “look outside of [her] window” — where Darius was peering inside.

According to Karrine, the harassment even spilled over onto the Internet — claiming Darius sent her an email, stating, “You should do the world a favor and kill yourself.” Calls to Darius weren’t returned.

Looks like it’s time to cue the sappy instrumental music and have a Serious Talk with Eddie here, doesn’t it?

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