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Did You Know That Polygamy Is All About The Ladies?

A photo of Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown

Because according to the Sister Wives, “it’s a girl party.”

If you watch Sister Wives, you can probably see how this would be the case.  Remember when the first three wives went on that camping trip with all the kids while Kody and Robyn went on their honeymoon, or how they all went to pick out that claddagh ring for Robyn before the wedding?  They seem pretty tight:

Robyn, who recently announced she’s pregnant, says a lot of women ask the question, “How can you do that? You must have no self esteem … You’re letting your husband – in their brains – cheat on you.”

But, she laughs, that’s simply not the case.

Being in a family of polygamists “really is all about the girl,” she insists.

If doubters open their minds, she says, “She’s gonna find it’s a girl party.”

Adds Meri, Brown’s first wife: “We can have a lot of fun no matter where we go – even if it is just the grocery store.”

I can see where the Brown’s brand of polygamy could be fun – you have your besties with you all the time, all in the family. You get to raise your kids together and raise each other’s kids. You don’t have to have some douchebag like Kody focusing 100% of his man-child attention on you.  It could be a pretty sweet deal.  On the other hand, hearing that your husband knocked up one of your besties?  It seems like instinctively that’s got to suck, right?

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  • Eh, for some reason I think that’s a crock of shit.

    That’s what normal friends are for.

    And they don’t sleep with your husband either.

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