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Quotables: Kendra Wilkinson Thinks We’re All Strippers Inside

A photo of Kendra Wilkinson

“Every woman has that stripper inside of themselves. It just takes confidence to be able to show it. I’m not saying really going out and stripping in front of people. I’m saying that everyone has that confidence inside. People are taking pole-dancing lessons. It’s for women to break out of their shell, explore who they are, explore their sensuality. I think people need to find their inner stripper.”

Kendra Wilkinson puts a positive spin on stripping.

How do we feel about this, ladies?  I think I’m going to have to disagree with Kendra on this one.  Not that I think there’s anything wrong with strippers – on the contrary, I’ve been begging friends to take me to the local strip club so I can toss back some margaritas and make friends in low places for a couple years now – it’s just that there’s a good amount of women who strip to support drug habits or because of some monstrous self esteem issue, and that’s sad.  I mean, I get what she’s saying, but I think there are better ways to explore sensuality, and if that makes me a prude, then that’s fine by me.

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  • Leaving it to the chubby writer to put down a comment like this. She’s not saying being a slut is awesome, she’s trying to say that every woman deserves to have the self esteem it takes to bare it all for someone. I think she’s right. Every woman deserves to have that much confidence, to be THAT comfortable with their own body and self.

  • Is that coming from another chubby girl? She doesn’t say to be a whore. She even says she’s not talking about becoming a “professional” stripper. She thinks that every woman deserves to have the self confidence it may take to undress in front of someone and not care. Since when would doing that for your significant other make you a whore?