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Gwen Stefani Opens Up for Elle

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Does anyone still really care about Gwen Stefani, outside of her friends and family? I mean, like, is she still as revered as she was back in the late nineties when she was crazy-edgy and post-nosejob alluring and whatever else? I always thought No Doubt was cool, and that Gwen had a, um, unique singing voice.   However? When that ‘B-a-n-a-n-a-s’ business came out a few years back, I sort of lost all respect for both Gwen AND the Abercrombie model I was dating at the time, because he thought it’d be JUST SO COOL one night to get way trashed and dance like a fool ONSTAGE at a club back home to the song, singing it like it was some damn serious business. He had way too much Grey Goose that night – his pretentious beverage of choice – and ended up passed out IN THE BACK OF MY CAR. I had to drive his ass ALL the way home (like, forty minutes up into the mountains), and what did he do to reward me for my samaritanism? Made me pull over four times to puke, help drag his ass into his house (not an easy feat – this guy was EASILY 6’3″, and I’m a shrinking 5’3″), and to add insult to injury, left his stupid size 14 flipflops in my backseat.

B-a-n-a-n-a-s indeed.

Whatever, but Gwen Stefani, who’s apparently still trying a career, interviewed with Elle magazine and had many typical things to say.

On marrying Bush’s Gavin Rossdale:

“The first time we ever kissed was right around Valentine’s Day—we were in New Orleans on tour. So, yeah, I always think about that because it’s unbelievable that we’ve been able to stay together. I feel so proud of us—it’s one of my biggest achievements.”

On being ‘vain’ and hating doing shows in her early pregnancy:

“It was horrible. Certain songs would make me want to puke. You feel pretty gross when you are first pregnant. You don’t feel cute, you feel disgusting. You’re getting fat. It was hard. I mean, I’m very vain. That would be my middle name. Of course I am, you know what I mean? I love the visual.”

On her friendship with Prince and his career advice:

” … Why wouldn’t you want that many people listening to the songs that you wrote? There’s no way to go back after you have had it. So the intentions of even the solo records were always about trying to write those guilty-pleasure albums that just get in your head and you can’t get out. I’m not cool, I’m not into the B-sides. Prince, who is one of my idols, gave me some advice when I worked with him: “Have you ever just tried writing a hit? Like, don’t just try writing a song, try and write a hit song.” I remember him saying that and me thinking, Yeah, you’re right. Why would you write anything else?”

OK, so I fully expect a lot of people to be like ‘Aack! OMG! Gwen Stefani! I fucking loooooove her!’ and get all wet over this interview, but me? I’m just going to … avoid all that, I guess.

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  • Has this hag EVER been relevant? Please, this tranny would gain more respect if sHe ever finally came out!

  • eck.. I thought I was the only one that felt this way about her.. she’s ok.. whatever.. it’s wierd people can’t get past her looks.. she got dumped by the bassist in her band.. she was a poser & ruined ska.. & to top that off I think her solo career reflects how creative she actually is.. & if you’ve heard her lame music from her solo days then u know what I mean…

  • Ughh, aside from liking No Doubt when I was 13 years old and clueless back in 1997, I’ve never ever understood Gwen’s appeal. Her clothing line is so lame and I hate hate hate! that Sweet Surrender’ song. She looked realllly dumb doing a random pushup a year or two ago when No Doubt performed on American Idol.

  • Could you BE more bitter? Shit! You sound like you’re irritated that this “model” was dancing to her song instead of with you!

    Get a life, one that includes doing something else, other than bashing people you don’t persoanlly know.

  • Could you BE more bitter? Shit! You sound like you’re irritated that this “model” was dancing to her song instead of with you!

    Get a life, one that includes doing something else, other than bashing people you don’t personally know.

  • What a bunch of haters. You mad just because you’re all fat and ugly and can’t stand seeing a hot chick?