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This is Actually a Really Great Idea

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True love?  Is totally blind, deaf and dumb in addition to being eighty-four years old.

Hugh Hefner, who’s most known for his girlfriends-who-could-be-grandkids, is marrying his latest wife, twenty-four year-old Crystal Harris, without a prenup. Can you imagine? WITHOUT A PRENUP.

Best guess, Hef probably has, what, a good four or five years to go ’til he drops. But at the most? I know with modern science and the invention of cryogenics, things could be stretched a few years longer for the average person if you’ve got the dough, but the problem with that is, once Hef finally DOES kick, it’s going to be the cheating Crystal who’s going to walk away with a good chunk of said dough. How much? Uh, let’s just venture a guess at about 75% of Hefner’s 43 million-dollar empire, maybe.

That much.

I guess it makes sense to dump your money back into the economy after you die, and giving it to some floozy to blow it sure will do it, but throwing it all away on what you invested in all your life (um, tits, blondes, and sex) seems kind of, oh I don’t know, PREDICTABLE to me. Surprise us, Hef – rewrite your will and give all of your fortune to all of the starving and neglected kids in America or something. Or really throw us for a loop – will all of your Playboy Playmates as apprentices to the priests at the Vatican. Things could get really interesting then.

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