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Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore’s Cute ‘How We Met’ Story

Best friends usually have some awesome story about how they met. Usually even better than the stories about how couples met. I’m telling you, ask someone how they met their best friend and it’s always going to be something like, they were in the same math class and liked the same guy and hated each other and then bonded when the hot guy wound up dating the most popular girl in school. ANYWAY!

Cameron Diaz just spilled on how her BFF-ness with Drew Barrymore started, and while I assumed they met at some Vanity Fair party, it’s actually much more humble and normal than all that.

From AccessHollywood:

“We’ve known each other so long. We met when she was 14 and I was 16. We met at a place that we both used to hang out in… when I was modelling and she wasn’t acting. She was working at this coffee shop or this soda shop, and I used to go hang out there and we became friendly. Once I started acting, she said, ‘Oh, I remember you!’ and we used to hang out and we became friends.”

How cute, right? A little 16-year-old Cameron Diaz kicking it at a coffee shop with a 14-year-old (and probably strung out) Drew Barrymore? I think it’s KIND OF crazy that any Barrymore would have to work the counter at some Beverly Hills coffee shop (I mean, is it even legal to work at 14?) but I guess that speaks to how down to earth and “over it” Drew’s always been.

How’d you meet your best friend? Don’t you agree that these stories are so much better than how someone met their boyfriend/girlfriend?

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  • i met my best friend in 3rd grade when we were both placed in “special readers”. she was a slow reader and i had a stutter…actually i think that’s more embarrassing than cute. either way we’re the best super fast, stutter-free reading friends ever.

  • We met at the fresher week at Uni. We spent drunk our first week together, and that creates a bond!

  • she was living with the guy i was seeing – our boyfriends had the same name. i was 21, she was 24. we broke up with our boyfriends and moved in together. we’re 39 and 41 now. she’s more my sister than either of my real sisters.