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Amber Rose is One Classy Broad

The rumored future Mrs. Wiz Khalifah was photographed yesterday in Manhattan with the outlines of her nipple rings on full display and a pack of Marlboro Menthols in hand. Love the sleeve of tacky tattoos, too (not.) Wasn’t Amber Rose just getting it on with Kim Kardashian’s ex a couple months ago?

Can you believe that this chick is the one that broke Kanye’s heart and inspired him to make his last album? Can you believe that this chick is moving in on the guy who’s supposed to marry me, Wiz Khalifa? I, personally, cannot. Sorry I don’t have barbells through my nipples. My mistake. I figured maybe I’d like to wear a sweater with a loose knit sometime in my life, but I guess that’s not what attracts hustlers. Apologies.

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  • Just a heads up for future notice, especially if this story ends up being true, Wiz Khalifa is spelt without the “h”.

  • I definitely wouldn’t let people see my nipple bars (if I had them) but what is up with your hating on tattoos? I have a half sleeve, and one that runs from the back of my shoulder, down my ribs and stops at my hips. They’re not tacky, they’re beautiful and done by a mad talented woman.

    I express myself with my tattoos and you express yourself with your crazy nail designs and bitchy mouth.

    • Cheesus. She’s saying THAT tattoo is tacky (which I agree with), not that all tattoos are tacky. I like full-sleeve tattoos but that one isn’t especially original or classy.

  • From what I’ve heard, nipple piercings help with sexual arousal…. Thought about getting them myself, but unless I worked in a strip club (just had a kid so completely out of question), the only person to see would be my gyno on breast exams and my hubby <3

  • I think she looks bangin’. The piercings, baldness, tight dress, tattoo, and even the menthols. I like her style – at least she doesn;t look like anybody else.

    • Yeahh you might want to get glasses as she is not attractive at all she has natural boobs which is her only plus really but the face and head youd have to double bag it not to mention the people she has been with she is a cyst pool of disease.

  • Tattoo = doesn’t disturb me… shape = fabulous… face = attractive… Skin = beuatifull… cig between fingers = absolute turn-off.

  • Damn, this whole post just screams hate!
    Check it Molls, you’ll probably never meet Wiz Khalifa, so hating on his girlfriend gets you no closer to being “Mrs. Wiz Khalifa.” Even if you did meet him, your hater attitude would hardly help you seal the deal. lol

    I’m not an Amber Rose fan either, but kill the salt…it just makes you look like a bitter hater, alone at home next to your Ben & Jerry’s, talking internet shit about people that probably look better than you (although I’ll definitely agree that the nipple rings + menthols are classless and not a good look)

  • I give it to her she cute with swagg but I see. She trying to get to the top by screwing somewhat important ppl …and yes flower tatts are played out with the jerks….but she got the attention she wants so she must look like a slut since MEN IN GENERAL LOVES SLUTS….

    • She not cute and I guess if whore is a profession mixed with leeching gold digger then I guess go with it but she is hit with an uglly tree and she has done absolutley nothing to even warrant caring about.