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Remembering Selena Quintanilla-Perez

On March 31, 1995, Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla-Perez was fatally shot by the president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldivar. It’s been sixteen years to the day since we lost Selena, who’s life and death was memorably portrayed by Jennifer Lopez in the 1997 film Selena, but her music continues to make an impact on today’s world. Earlier on this season of American Idol, contestant Karen Rodriguez sang Selena’s famous ballad “I Could Fall In Love” and last year, Selena Gomez introduced Selena’s music to a new generation of fans when covering “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” in concert.

The comments are open for discussion re: anything Selena on this post.

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  • I still remember seeing Selena in the theater and loving every minute of it. After that my sister and I taped it (on VHS people, this was back in they DAY!) from satellite and watched it over and over and over again and pretended we were Selenas. Good memories. All little girls should have to watch that movie.

  • The Lord told me there were many famous people in Hell, and also many people who had known about the Lord. He said, “I am going to show you another part of the furnace.” We came to a place where a woman was surrounded by flames. She was in great torment and would scream, begging the Lord for mercy. Jesus pointed to her with his hand and told me, “Daughter, that woman that you see over there, surrounded by flames, is Selena.” As we started getting closer, she screamed, “Lord, have mercy on me, forgive me Lord, take me out of this place!” But the Lord looked at her and said, “It’s late, it’s too late. You cannot repent now.”

    Selena saw me and said, “Please, I beg you, go tell people about this, please speak out and do not be silent; go and tell them not to come to this place; go and tell them not to listen to my songs, nor sing my songs.” (1 John 2:15) So I asked her, “Why do you want me to go and say that?” And she answered, “Because every time people sing and listen to my songs, I am tormented even more, the person who does this, who sings and listens to my songs, is walking to this place (HELL). Please, go tell them not to come here; go tell them that hell is real!” She would scream and demons would hurl spears from afar into her body and she would cry, “Help me, Lord, have mercy on me, Lord!” But sadly, the Lord told her, “It is too late.”

    source :

    • thats not true only the bad and evil people go to hell! PSALM 23:4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shodow of death I will fear no evil for the Lord is with me your rod and your staff they comfort me! Selena was a wonderful person who did alot of good things in her life time. There is a reason for everything and if God decided to take Selena it was because HE needed her in HIS kingdon. I believe when a person die some go ro heaven and some go to hell . I dont know what religion you are but seriously you need to read the bible and it tells you about hell and heaven. I will still be listenin to selena’s songs because i know she would of wanted people to listen to her music dancing her music. Even regular people like you can go to hell!!!!!!!

      • Good deeds will NOT get you into heaven, says so in the bible:

        But we are all as an unclean [thing], and all our righteousnesses [are] as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.
        Isaiah 64:6

        And you cannot say that Selena was “good” because the bible says noone is good, not me, you, or anyone ever:

        No one is righteous–not even one Romans 3:10

        I don’t know where Selena is but I do know the only way she is in heaven is if she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal savior, I hope she did:

        Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

      • You can’t believe everything you hear? Going to hell just for singing? If that is the case we are all doomed? Maybe we don’t know everything. Maybe it is true and maybe it isnt. But answer me this? How can Jesus tell her it is too late to repent when she didnt even know she was doing something wrong while on Earth? It also says children go to hell for watching cartoons and disobeying their parents? Does that make sense? All of us at one point have disobeyed their parents and millions of kids watch cartoons. it sounds like insanity to me. It sounds like a few religious fanatics just put what they believe in rather than that really happening. It’s funny how you can see all this nonsense on line but u dont see it on the news.

      • Shes idolising her sell people are looking up to her as if she was a gid this is why Jesus kicked lucifer outbof heaven because he wanted to be like God we were all made to glorify jesus and if you can sing its to glorify him not yourself to become famous why gain the whole wide world but loose yourself? I use to model but then i had this revelation that i am sharing with you

      • Shes idolising her self and people are looking up to her and whoever commits idolatry will NOT inherit the kingdom of God. as if she was a God this is why Jesus kicked lucifer out of heaven because he wanted to be like God we were all made to glorify jesus and if you can sing its to glorify him not yourself to become famous why gain the whole wide world but loose yourself? I use to model and work at Hooters!! but then i had this revelation that i am sharing with you.

        So you can either chase your idol to hell or follow Jesus

      • sorry i know this is random but ummm i think its you who needs to read the bible… just because we do good deeds in this world doesn’t mean we all automadically go to haven, its about having that connection with God to the point that you pray and live what you preach when your mind changes in a possitive manner and when you wake up in the morning and feel eger to talk to God and follow what is written in the holy book (HOLY BIBLE)… Yes the bible does say on PSALM 23:4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shodow of death I will fear no evil for the Lord is with me your rod and your staff they comfort me! but all that is saying is that where every you shall go the presnts of God would be with you if you truely have that conection with God (GOD IN YOUR HEART)… Because you either are with God or you either are with the Devil you CAN NOT BE ON BOTH SIDES you could only be with either or…. Again i have not been personality to hell (thanks GOD) so i would not be able to tell you if selena is or is not their in hell and it is also not in my place to say so i believe that in that matter is between the victums and God…. BUt do not be fooled by these celebraties faces… Look up Illuminati celebraties and you will be shocked again i am not saying that selena is a part of illuminati or was… put the time is near and if you think that being a nice person and helping others gives you a ticket to heaven that is FALSE giving is a good thing YES … but its doesnt garantee to get you into heaven the price is hard but it is worth it… REmeber satan is called “the prince of this earth” and there is a reason for that as you could see he slowly drags you in to where he wants you to using the things you like as in music, games, fasion, fame, money, etc.

    • I do not believe that person (Anonymous) saw Selena in hell. Are you a Seer a prophet or a messenger of God? Then if you are, who are you? Prove to us who you are? Then we will decide if what you have stated is a true or false testimomy.

      If you read the scriptures, at the end of times, there will be false prophets, do not listen to them.

      • Its just a bunch of gullible idiots who believe everything they see and hear. They are easily fooled and before hey believe something like this they should look at themselves. If Selena really is in hell then we are going where she is going. That woman worked hard for her money just like we do. She sang for a living and donated a lot of her hard earned money to charity to keep kids safe and in school and out of trouble. I should believe Jesus can’t forgive her? There are holes in that story. They should take it down. Ill admit at first I was a little scared and had mixed feelings.

      • umm no its called 23 hours in hell, where the girl Angelina was dead for 23 hours.. she saw selena in hell and the pope and M.J to her songs were not godly and i know so more then any of you thou he is telling the truth.

      • Who dies and lives again? This girl did these and hear these things its called 23 hours in hell..and she died, god sent her to tell the world

      • but a false prophet wouldnt tell u to accept jesus as your lord and savior and repent …i can tell u this she is not a false prophet !
        And you cannot say that Selena was “good” because the bible says noone is good, not me, you, or anyone ever:

        No one is righteous–not even one Romans 3:10

      • Money and doing good things does not give u salvation, u have to repent and accept Lord jesus in your life

      • That is why jesus say REPENT daily.. That is probably why she went to hell! She didn’t repent. Even if you don’t think you are doing anything you still need to repent daily!

      • Whether it is true or false I see no harm in this do to the fact if it’s helping you to live a better life and to draw closer to God! After I saw this video my whole life changed…the weekend before, I was at the bar and singing Selena’s song! I was drinking and just doing a lot of bad things!! I repented and have turned my life around 100% I thank God and I would tell this girl to keep preaching Gods word even if many fail to believe she is not doing anything wrong or saying anything wrong many people just hate to hear the truth or what could very well be true.

      • even Christ was asked to prove wander He said that even if a person from the dead came back to life to testify to the living they would not believe just like the story of the rich man and lazarus.i believe angellica’s story.she is living and u cant believe her though she experienced good she played her part so now its left to the Holyspirit to conviece hearts hardened by the devil.

    • yes i read it and saw the video :( its tragic but true she might have been a good person but she is in hell because all she did was sing sing sing and never preached the word of god :(

    • Very laughable because if you read and understand the Bible you would know that Hell is a place of punishment not only for lost souls but also for the devil and his demons

  • i been a fan of selena every since i can remember. i remember very well the day she was killed i was only in 5th grade it still feels like it was only yesterday that she was shot. now that im an adult i still listen to her music and i have a lll girl who is also a big fan of selena her dream was to go to corpus christy and visited her grave site so i made her dream come true i took her to corpus christy and took her to her grave site and he memorial site and her meusum. when i took my lil girl to selena’s grave my daughter cry and told me it hurts seein selena in a grave it feels like part of my heart went with selena like all my dreams and hopes dispeared. my daughter broke my heart when she said that to me my prayers goes out to selena’s family

    • Wow that is sad if you think about what you just said you said that about her…….she is not a God…simply a false idol what about Jesus why don’t you teach her about him and take her to see his historical “site” he made the altimate sacrifice. If you should loose a piece in your heart for any one it should be to Jesus our savior!!

  • i remember seeing the “Selena” for the first time. it broke my heart at the end when she was shot. if jennifer lopez played the real Selena the way Selena really was than how could anyone not love her. her music was some of the most beautiful songs ever recorded. you would hear the kindness in her voice. we were really blessed to have her while we did. i would have love to have had the chance to see her sing live. i am mostly a country music fan, but love all types of music. Selena is and will always be missed by her present and future fans. to her family, it had to be almost more than you could explain giving her up. it was hard for her fans also. you were blessed to have her. i think we had only saw the beginning with her, she was taken before she even began to scratch the music industry.

    signed a fan from tennessee

  • Selena micheal jackson jhon paul the pope the second all went to hell before you start having a fit listen to what i have to say they could have went to heaven but they made pacts with the devil and the music selena played was very ungodly not holy jhon the pope went to hell because he was being worshipped being treated like he was a god and hes not god if you want to go to heaven change your ways become a better person dont curse dont commit udultry only praise are god jesues and are father and heaven dont lie and also try your hardest to forgive and forget al the wrongs people have done to you prey to him every night do what ever you can to go to heaven because you do not want to go to you know where because you will be tormented forever- – god bless

    • yes yes amen !!!!!!!! thats what it is some people right away get upset and all they have to do is listen thats so true john paul was worshipped and he preferred money and well selena she might have been a good person but her music yes it was ungodly and she didnt preach the word of god or tell her audience anout jesus all she did was sing sing and sing thats it :(

      • Ameennnnn

        Shes idolising her self and people are looking up to her and whoever commits idolatry will NOT inherit the kingdom of God. as if she was a God this is why Jesus kicked lucifer out of heaven because he wanted to be like God we were all made to glorify jesus and if you can sing its to glorify him not yourself to become famous why gain the whole wide world but loose yourself? I use to model and work at Hooters!! but then i had this revelation that i am sharing with you.

        So you can either chase your idol to hell or follow Jesus

    • You could not be more wrong. The religion this angelica girl belongs too is an evangelical cult they teach that dancing and singing is a sin the actually believe that everything in a every day life is a sin. It is insane and bizarre to allow a young girl to fast to starvation that she almost dies in the first place. She would not have been gone for 23 hours and come back either she would of just been dead from a thing called organ failure from the lack of food and water as well lack of oxygen to the brain. And besides that pope John Paul is a saint. This girl is a false prophet trying to make a profit

  • For those who said that Selena’s songs like dreaming of you is evil. I listened to the lyrics and there was no part there that’s its invoking anyone to commit a sin. Do you?


    • Have you forgotten that God is Love and Mercy. He will forgive all our sins, even at time of death if we surrender to Him and ask for forgiveness. Does not mean all debts are paid but you are saved.

      It is better to live our lives in the Light of God so that we are sure to enter Heaven….but not all people do this. But if at the last moment, they repent with a contrite heart….believe in His Mercy.

      • Believe me every time I would go out and party I would sin and it seemed like more of an earge or brovoching when I would listen to Selene please after watching this video I through out all my music and started listening to Christian music stopped going out and partying I thank God !!! Gen turned my life around so that I may be living a path a rightioiseness instead of a path of evil!!

  • When speaking of the dead one must never say that they are in Heaven or in Hell,we Do Not know this.If anyone claims to know where a person(s) soul is I would not listen to them as they are making judgements and giving false statements.You need to read the Kings James Bible and learn only this Bible.There is much to learn about where we will end up after death and you will learn not to make false statements about others.

    • Wether it is true or not if she is helping peopling rather then hurting I don’t see this being wrong like you said we don’t know for sure it is up to us as individuals to make our own choice weather false or not I see nothing but good from this video it has helped me to learn to live a better life in gods name and to change my bad ways! And to repent!!!

  • i know that we should never judge but what if you were taken by jesus too to speak truth to the world about what you saw in hell then i doubt its judging you know?

  • God is Love and Mercy!

    He is the only Judge, and we should leave ALL judging to Him.

    Yes, it is true that we will be judged for how much we loved on earth, How much we loved God by will and actions. Obeying the Ten Commandments and loving our Neighbours.

    Even the hardest of sinners can go to Heaven if they repent.

    Where you there when God had his conversation with Selena? or anyone else that passed away? Be careful that you are not heading for your own ruin.

    No one earth has the right to judge where someone went after they passed away and give any type of false statements that could devistate Selena’s family or friends.

    We should pray for souls who have passed and pray for the coverstion of sinners. That’s it. No Judging.

    Peace and Love

  • Krystal stated on April 24th that John Paul II went to hell.

    Do you know who that man, John Paul II was? and how truly holy he was?

    I guess you didn’t see the miracle of the sun when John Paull II went to Toronto for the Youth Day.

    1/2 million people went to it from all over the world. It was a gathering for youths, the theme “You are Salt of the Earth”. This was in the early 90’s.

    Did you hear about the Miracle of the Sun?

    It was all over the news and I was there to see it for my own eyes. God was definitely with His servant if a miracle happened!

    Please before making a serious statement, think about before posting.

    Thank you!

    • he went to hell becauess he was greedy with money he was a lier that is why he went to hell. And i know i have studying the bible since lil and i have been serving the lord since lil too i think i should know.

    • yes he was greedy that vatican has alot of money and jesus said especially the pope he VERY WELL KNEW THAT HELL WAS A REAL PLACE…AND HE DIDNT SAY ANYTHING …WHY CUZ HE PREFERRED THE MONEY thats the thing alot of people dont see all we wanna see is a lie that he was a servant of god but he wasnt he preferred the money and didnt expose the truth why because saying the truth about hell will scare the people and the vatican wont get the money they get all the time…just like the letter of our lady of fatima he didnt reveal the third prophesy and just put it away….and later 2001 it was supposably revealed but that letter was edited it was one page and all of a sudden it was like 3 or 4 pages ….its hard to believe but we will live in a harsh place…a decieved world

  • WE SHOULD ASK God for forgiveness every time whether the prophesies are true or false. HAVE MERCY ON US LORD FOR WE ARE SINNERS.

      • He doesn’t that’s why He sent his son Jesus Christ. John 3:16 So god so loved the World he gave his only begotten Son who shall ever believe in Him shall not Parish but ever lasting life

  • :'( am i gona go to hell for idolising someone who’s in hell without a reason ? i dnt want to believe it bt it scares me… :( will my brothers.. Sisters, parents family friends go to hell ? Is it our fault we were born into a family that didnt go church ? I know nothing of the bible ? Is it my fault i was born in this generation? Is she saying basically if i’m not perfect, im doomed ? :( well… I’d go to hell for my family to be in heaven – and get the treatment a million times over than anyone else. I love my family. I don’t care. I believe in god and jesus.. Is that enough ? Please tell me t is?

    • To Lisa i understand how u feel, God sent his son Jesus Christ to die for us so we wouldnt have to go to that terrible place called hell. Sadly many souls have died without salvation,meaning they either rejected Gods gift which is Jesus or they chose to live their life how they wanted to and not how God wants us to. Believing in Jesus is part of it but not all of it we alalso have to obey him and follow his commandments in order to make it to heaven,God does not want us to go to hell but unfortunatley some of us choose to ignore the truth,its in our nature to sin so we must seek God in order to get the help we need to resist the devil. Accept Jesus obey his word and love one another because hell is real and many are they that end up there. Jesus loves you Lisa and God bless you.

      • Lisa, I’m sure I’m late responding to this but after reading your post, I had to comment. I’m a Christian myself and I wanted you to know that God loves you and your family very much. Going to church is good for Christians because they get to pray and fellowship with one another and hear God’s word being preached. However, the Church is the body of Christ (the people), not the building. You can have Church in your home with a group of people. It’s not the building or the size of the building that matters, its the people. That being said, going to church on a regular basis will not save anyone. The only way to be saved is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. The way to do that is to pray. Let God know that you are a sinner and that you are sorry for your sins. Tell God that you believe that Jesus is His one and only Son and that you believe He died for you and arouse three days later and is sitting on the right hand of God. Tell God that you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and that you invite Him to come into your life. Lisa you can do this at Church (having someone pray with you) or at home. It doesn’t matter. Jesus will come to you. You’re not going to go to hell for listening to Selena’s music. Hell is reserved for demons (fallen angels) and for those who DON”T accept God as their savior. It doesn’t matter how “good” you are on earth, how many charitable deeds you have performed, how many times you’ve gone to church, all that matters is Jesus being your Savior.

    • yes it is just read the bible ask jesus our savior to help u understand it and u will all u have to do is accept into your heart and accept u r a sinner and repent and change your ways and just know he is always there for you he will never forsake you :) u dont have to be perfect or go to church but im sure he will appreciate u going to church :)

    • This is the moment you are being made aware that is why I believe God had showed this girl heaven and hell to make his people aware! Now that you are aware…make change were change is needed!! repent! and you shall be forgiven but sin no more! And spread the good word! Just because you did not grow up knowing Christ or learning the Bible do it know pray for your family show them who God is he is amazing and he is always their when you call Apon him wether good or bad!!!! He is amazing! I pray for you friend!!

  • Every should take heed do not be fooled by the devil be leave Angelica zambrano dream before its to late listen to her repent and turn to God befor u wind up in hell where salena and John pope 2 and michael Jackson is please listen to her

    • Why did God waste his time showing you who was in hell? Why didn’t God give you a short meaningful message for all of us? Is God a gossiper?

  • I do believe this if she dis repent before she died she was old enough to know above the wrd of God and Jesus and she new ppl were idolizing her which is a sin regardless how much GD u do the Lil bad u do he looks at she wasn’t a GD person their isn’t no such thing like the I to enjoyed her music and is Hispanic but come on I would never go all out Frm buying dolls n outfit etc u r praising her like she said plz stop for her sake ur hurting her by idolizing their is a difference in remembering her and idolizeing

  • Her music was not holy so what do u think it is true none of the music today is so yes if we dnt repent before it’s to late we all will go to hell he will judgment the the ppl who came to him on earth and the dead but if did not come to him before u die u get sent straight to hell like he said its to late so repent so u the lord may forgive u only he can judge u if I repent and save u but I have to ask before its to late! !!


  • i think that wat she said is real because she didnt say nothing bad about god also she even mention her grandmother was there so really i beleiven god im only 19 yr. in im save i gave my life to god because ppl sale there souls to the devil in then he tricks in destroy them all the time now look at micheal jackson he have more money now that he dead than whn he was alive jesus dont want us to worship no one but him not selena lil wayne nobody before him i believen in wat she has said for i to have dreams of god talkin to me in thats y im save today amen ,in god bless yall in lets get ppl to repent

      • He does!!!! He talks to me in my dreams! Draw close to him repent! Ask him to come into your life and to give you then hokey spirit you will hear him have faith and you shall seee!!!

  • Only the devil would possess someone to say certain people r in hell give me a break ! It is sick how this girls mother has corrupted her mind ! Selena was religious and believed Jesus as her savior ! She was a beautiful angel and hopefully next time that girl sees who is on hell Yolanda saldivar ! Love you Selena my angel

  • wTF is up with all this God, devil, religious crap and hell? Were all gonna fucking die…hope thoes of you who are disrespecting the great Tejano Queen Selena Quintanilla Perez, her family, fans and music shove a dick down your throats. Weather you like it or not she has sold over 21million records world wide and is still kicking ass in record sales! She influenced singers such as Katy Perry and Selena Gomez. She’s comming out with a new album this year sometime, and Selena Gomez is planning in doing a duet with her and Selena’s voice in her famous song Bidi Bidi Bom Bom. Her husband is also comming out with a new book dedicated to her, planned to be released April 3, 2012. Selena Quintanilla Perez went to church, was a jahovas witness, so all you assholes disrespecting her your the ones who will be burning.


    • how is she serving satan if she is saying to accept jesus as your savior and repent its hard to believe but she is in hell…all she did in life was sing sing and sing and didn preach the gospel or tell her audience about jesus and going to church she liked being idolized …

      And you cannot say that Selena was “good” because the bible says noone is good, not me, you, or anyone ever:

      No one is righteous–not even one Romans 3:10

  • this make sense…its warned all of us that there is no joking in comes how we serve God,…. he knows everything we does…and we only know ourselves if we realy leave right or not….in the end we jugde according to our deeds…

  • It all is true its called 23 hours in hell. The girl was dead for 23 hours and she saw selena and heard her in hell. Selena was my fave, but then again her songs where worldy not of god. So then if you want to say its fake its not fake who dies and comes to life you know then it was real.

  • Tired of hearing of Selena in hell. Who are we to judge. I believe she is in heaven. We should look back at what she did. She made us hispanics be proud of our cultue and had a heart that was so big. No more selena in hell lets just look what she achieve in life.

    • what did she achieve in life …obviously things that dont matter
      she never spoke to her audience about god and jesus that his our savior nothing ….im not judgeing her i wanna hear she in heaven but shes not all she did in life was sing sing and sing thats it never did she preach the GOSPEL…
      And you cannot say that Selena was “good” because the bible says noone is good, not me, you, or anyone ever:

      No one is righteous–not even one Romans 3:10

  • I believe in god period ..i also believe that the girls testimony is NOT a lie or that she is a false prophet!!! I also thought selena was a beautiful person.. but come on she was idolized she was rich and the only sad thing about her death was Not her being shot down but the fact that she was obviously Not saved if the young lady witnessed her in hell..The reason i believe she is in hell is because that girl had no reason and nothing to gain from letting ppl know of what she saw ..this young lady was not the only person to go to hell and return ..there is also a 23 mins in hell version and its from a man who went there also his name is Bill Wiese google it and listen..He tells of almost if not all off the same things the girl saw minus the dead celibritys..but maybe god felt she could reach the younger youth praise god..please be forgiveing and open ur hearts beacause the lord is comeing soon amen

    • YES YES AMEN SISTER :) its hard to believe but yea thats the truth :) theres so many things that we c as normal and they r not all we wanna c is that selena was a good person well she might of been but she didnt preach the gospel or anything to do with jesus our lord and savior maybe if she repented before she died or accpeted jesus but she didnt :(

  • so basically we shouldn’t listen to non gospel music when the people die.I dont know of anywhere in the bible where it says i cant listen to unholy music.and its funny because the ecuadorian girl didnt even comment back but whatever.Me and god’s relationship is between me and him not me him and selena or whoever else.

  • Selena did not repent there for she is in Hell like it or not all who don’t accept Jesus Christ will go to hell and for that 8 year old kid goes the Lord said if you are old enough to know about heaven or Hell your old enough to make a desion life stinks but the Lord has his ways must obey by like it or not it is true everything the Lord says don’t be fooled by those demons there trying to get to your head and that girl was from south America she is only 18 watch the video you will cry cry cry for the Lord.

    • I don’t think Selena would be in Hell!!!! She was a Jehovah’s Witness, okay? She was a positive influence on middle school & high school kids! She visited the schools! Do you want to know why? To encourage them to stay in school, keep away from drugs & alcohol, & stay a virgin till you’re married! She paid a dinner and a dessert for one old lady eating by herself. She told the waiter to be reticent about her paying for it. She participated in Drug Abuse Resistance Education or DARE. She helped out in homeless shelters & performed for free for fans who couldn’t come to her concerts! What celebrity will do these things, huh? 0.

  • This vision of Angelica Zambrano having seen Selina Perez, in hell because of her music and songs, doesn’t sit right with me!

    Maybe that is because I am biased, having been a performing and recordin artist myself on the Country Music “Genre”.

    While I have been a member of churches that have stated “Secular Music”, is not in God’s favor, the thought of one being condemed to the eternal flames of hell, for having composed and created love songs of the emotions of a human being seems a little over the top to me?

    While I am aware that songs and music that are anti-Christian, anti-God and occult Rock music are damming – I am still left with the question of,”Is an artist that is creating music that displays the emotions of a human being condemed to hell?

    If so, then are artists’ or sculptors’ who paint pictures of and model from clay, human experience of life, nature and emotion also condemed to hell?

    I have music on websites and internet radio stations, does that mean when i pass on everytime someone would play one of my songs here on earth, I am to be tormented by a further blast of flamed in eternal damnation?

    I am a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ, so in my investigation of this question, should I find that there is a possibility that I am condeming my soul to eternal damnation, I will have to delete all the music I have made, rather than be selfish and demand my way as opposed to God’s desire!

    However, before I rush off and start hitting the delete button, I want to actually ascertain that that is the case!

    I am not a member of the Catholic Church, as I believe Angelica is. my church is simply Christian, stating “Jesus is Lord”!

    • angelica is not a catholic she is a christian…and no if u accept him as your lord and savior but really love him and praise him especially to your audience who ever listens to your music then u should be ok but if then u only care about the people idilizing u then u should worry :(

    • thats why i think god gave u that talent…but share the word of god with your people dont keep it to yourself thats being selfish and no ur not condeming your soul if ur doing the right thing dont just sing sing and sing and forget about jesus :(

  • and thats wassup…i like that last post. sharing a love song to the world is the same as sharing a gospel song to the world. god is love right?

  • at first, i did not believe that Selena was in hell coz im her avid fan.. however, when i read the bible.. it says there that WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE SAVED JUST BY DOING GOOD DEEDS, WE CAN BE SAVED IF WE REPENT AND CONFESS TO GOD THAT WE ARE A SINNER AND ACCEPT JESUS AS OUR LORD..we are all going to hell, Selena is just an example.. but if we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord, we will be saved.. It hurts to know that she is there,, but the what Angelina told us matched the Word of God written in the bible.. I pray that you will be enlighten guys..

    • i know it seems hard to believe but u have to look at the facts just because selena might have been a good person doesnt mean she right away went to heaven….no once in her concerts did she praise the lord jesus or say anything about him the he is our savior all she did in her life when she was alive was SING SING AND SING ……thats it thats why she is in hell cuz all she did was sing and she never sang about the gospel or jesus nothing she even said it herself she loved being on stage while her audience was idolizing her but never talked to her people the gospel its hard to believe but its true we the world see as she was good but she didnt preach the word of god all she did was sing sing and sing :(

  • we think everything is normal when its not …..listen please
    as always the wise listen the foolished laughed
    the entertainment industry is bad and many of us are blind to c it but it is bad its satans work its luring people from god why do u think so many people watch TV play video games idolize celebritys why do u think none of that didnt exist and now it does why do u think so many people like going to clubs and getting drunk doin drugs anything sinful….its hard to believe but its the truth those that dont wanna believe well those are the demons that wont let you listen selena was beautiful and smart its tragic that she didnt get a chance to repent :( and yes i read the bible
    the world hasnt changed its the PEOPLE THAT HAVE CHANGED :(

  • Listen u r saved by believing Jesus is ur lord and savior not by preaching his word. Millions of people preach his word but what is in their hearts is what matters . Selena preached stay in school and stay off of drugs , work hard and the impossible is possible . She loved her family and people . Sro be a Christian is to be Christ like and she was. She was sent by Fid for a purpose 17 yrs later she still touches people’s heart it’s not just the music and her music was not bad or dirty . She was full of love and happiness so stop judging and go make sure u know what’s in ur heart. Selena is in heaven and she is an angel from God

  • You people are screwed up in the head. No one knows where Selena’s soul is except for God. Have some respect for the dead. The person claiming to have seen this has problems, how could you make up something like that? She’s dead, let the woman rest in peace.

  • I just signed a record contract and I think I regret it now. I bawled over it to God last night and told Jesus I was sorry and please forgive me. I cannot get out of the contract at all. Some songs I have to sing I didn’t write and I don’t fully agree with. A lot of our songs are about the human condition and God being our Rock and also we have one song that I didn’t write that is sexually per vocative, but I always think of my husband when I have to sing it. The songs I am due to write, I want to wake people up at their level without coming off as overly Christian. Christians are prey right now. It’s a sign of the times. I still want to bring people to God without being cast aside by societies hatred of God. That was my plan anyway. I am not a perfect Christrian specimen, but I have deep faith and trust in God’s promises. I try hard quite often to be mindful of my human condition and repent when I see I need too. This record contract I prayed about and all paths led to me signing it. I want to help my family and homeless and give money in God’s name. For some reason now I fear for my soul. I don’t want to be anyone’s idol or lead the masses astray. I just want to sing and get my message to the list heard in a inconspicuous fashion. We are rock, metal and funk. Am I doomed to hell? I have faith in Christ, but did I screw my eternity up and loose my Salvation by signing this contract last month?

  • Nativegirl,i dont mean to be judgemental but i feel you trying to justify why you ought to be honouring the contract deal that you signed.Ask yourself,do you share the same passion to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with the same people who have given you sexually provocative songs to sing to the world?Everything you’ve got to do with your life has to be for the glory of God,not for youself or your hubby!thats the bitter truth everyone of us trys to run from.One more thing,God aint dictated by the way we choose to live our lives,but its for us to align ourselves with His Holy commands.So,probably its the holy spirit trying to convict you that,thats a doomed path you are about to follow.Seek Him with a clear mind and with no opinion of your own.Remember 2 Corinthians 6:14-18,do not yoke yourselves with unbelievers,for what is righteousness and wickedness have in common?Be blessed siz.

  • Heyy man I love God Christ Jesus is my Savior .not perfect I’ve done the worst in life I listen to Selena and have Michael Jackson tatted on my leg… people claim they study n know the Bible but yall missing the truth.. my lord and Savior is so amazing and glory is to him the highest God where they ended up heaven or hell who knows and if they did man let it go .. what about us ..yall talking about the wrong things there dead and that’s all heaven or hell all we can do is be better and stop talking down about what they didn’t do… to the murders drug dealers even the strippers Jesus walks with youlove u all my brother n sisters

  • first of all let me say i know God is real because i have felt his presence and i have seen miracles happen right before my eyes… i know jesus is real because my 10year old child was chosen to see him along with my moma and aunt…. i know the devil is real because i felt his hot breath and voice on my neck. wether or not u believe in my savior… let me tell you that i love you and so does he. the devil is hard at work because he dont have much time he is on a mission for souls to join him in that everlasting fire.. and i dont want no one else to go there. My aunt betty died and went to heaven in 86′ and she also went to hell in 94’… let me tell you it is real. Just give Jesus a try i promise you he will give you life and joy… he wants to bare our pains and sorrows thats why he died for us. dont let his blood go unvain… i am willing to talk to anyone about his love and grace… share some of the experiences i have had with him. nobody is perfect but my sweet Jesus is.. i love him and i am so thankful for him if not i would be in a burning hell right now.. lay your sins and burdens at his feet and i promise you will see a change for the good in your life… i luv you all.

  • i think angelica is lying and selena did believe in god! those of u who are preaching oh how shes in hell and how u believe that ecquadorian chick? there are so many holes in her story and the bible has been changed and re written by men for hundreds of years. want my opinion? the only true bible to believe in is the one is jerusalem the very first bible. you guys are jesus freaks and act like god is a bad person! practice what u preach because i know u guys are fake and just putting on a show. shut up and wait til god shows up himself to show us the real truth!!! peace out

  • We can’t determine if this story is true or not I only believe what the bible says and will follow what God’s words says. Selena was a jeehova witness and believed in God & Jesus. We can’t determine where she is that decision was between her and God. Selena’s songs aren’t evil and they aren’t worldly like the songs that come out now and days that talk about sex, drugs, violence, alcohol, ect. Her songs didn’t consist of that. And she did release one song called God’s child, so you can’t judge that all her songs were ungodly. And we were not made to be perfect.! We all sin everyday and if you are a true Christian and believe in the bible and that Christ is your Savior and repent from your sins everyday and moment you shouldn’t worry about what other people have to say, cause at the end it all comes down to you and Christ. I am a fan of Selena but I don’t idolize her, she was an inspiration to me and many others out there. She only sang because she loved doing it and wanted to touch people’s hearts, and she just probably wanted to keep her relationship with God personal just like most believers do. And again we can’t determine where she is so just leave it alone and let her rest in peace it’s so disrespectful to her family. There is a heaven and a hell for sure, but we can’t determine or say who is in heaven or hell only God knows that.

    • Well said not everyone publicizes their relationship with God. Everyone’s relationship with God is between them.

  • And all talent comes from God! Most superstars who believe in God don’t always release songs about Him. Like for Example Justin Bieber , Chris Brown, etc.

  • At first when I heard the Selena was in hell It was kind of hard for me to believe. But then I had to realize that even though she was a “good” person and sung “good” songs, It doesn’t mean that she truly accepted Jesus into her heart. I also agree with some of the comments above. I feel that if someone becomes famous by singing or with whatever talent they have, they should use that talent toward god. So even though Selena was a fantastic singer and sung wonderful songs, those songs should have been directed towards Jesus/god. Also, just because someone claims that they believe in god doesn’t necessarily mean that they do. Only Jesus knows if people are truthful when believing in him, by looking at their hearts.

  • Exactly but you can’t determine if she is in hell or not only God knows that so we have no room to judge her and she did sing one song about God but other artists who are Christians like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber don’t sing songs toward God even though Katy Perry did but they just do what they love to do and they just went after their dreams.

  • stop this! may selena rest in peace. that idiot who saw her in hell, i think God just reassured you that you on your way to hell. i am a big fan of selena and i read her music between the lines. there is no hidden agendas attached to it, nothing demonic. why dont you start with yourself? God said before you want to take the splinter out of somebody elses eye first take the beam out of yours!

  • She was my role model. Her songs touch my heart and she was an amazing person. She cared about every-one .May her songs touch other peoples heart like it did to me.Oh, Lord you are holy you answer to others prayers.Please protect Selena while is is playing a song for you right now in heaven.In Jesus name Amen.

    May Selena Quintanilla Perez Rest-In-Peace.

  • Selena never idolized herself. her fans gave her that spot, she never claimed to be a goddess or behaved like a diva, like many of the women in the industry today. She was humble and was always helping the community regardless of her fame. How is that a good reason for her to be in hell? I don’t understand why people who don’t like Selena or are not her fans go on sites and leave these types of comments. It’s a space for her fans, for people that love Selena and her music…not for those who don’t.

  • I have been a Selena fan for nearly 17 years, and I guarantee I know more about her and what kind of life she lived than the false “prophet” Angelica Zambrano and her idiot followers ever will, and trust me – she’s in Heaven. Anyone who says otherwise obviously knows nothing about her, because she did more good in the world than any of the so-called “Christians” who believe this utter nonsense ever will. God will punish those who attempt to malign Selena’s character and tarnish her memory with lies, because unlike Angelica Zambrano and her followers, she lived the life of a true person of God.

  • I think Angelica Zambrano is making this all up because Selena was a Jehovah Witness and only God can judge nobody else. And I’m probably going to get some hate comments but yes I do believe that Angelica Zambrano is a false prophet. I don’t ever want to hear her stories but just the Bible. The Bible tells it all not some false prophet and nobody can die for 23 hours its either your dead or not. But anyways about Selena, she was a great Tejano singer everybody loved her. And I know some of you are thinking I’m being cold hearted about Angelica but I just don’t like her stories okay. I mean I’m not saying to stop talking about it or anything that’s just my opinion about Angelica Zambrano.

  • If you are “very good” Chtistians why you judge selena? you don’t have another job and sit on this jucking computer to judge selena?
    its not your job that why its god? for a acessories?ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE its not in your job to say where is selena in hell or heaven!i’m bif fan of selena but am too and Christian! so go to church and don’t judge the others peoples where are go!

  • Jehovah witnesses don’t believe in Jesus Christ or accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior,
    John 3:36
    He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

    Secondly I don’t get how angelica claims she went to hell and came back from the dead to warn people from going to hell…. The story of lazarus and the rich man, 31 “He said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.’”

    People don’t need angelica to tell them about hell, people need the bible and learn that if such person does not repent and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior they will end up rejecting God and will be thrown in the lake of fire.

  • According to the HOLY BIBLE and the life that Selena lived, clearly reveals that Selena may not be in Heaven. Supposedly, Selena and her family are Jehovah Witnesses. JWs do not accept Jesus Christ as their LORD and SAVIOR. This fact alone, TESTIFIES that they are lost and on their way to hell. I do not support Angelica Zambranos’ account of her supposed vision/dream because there are many unbiblical inconsistencies in it. I do not believe that her vision is from God because Christ makes it clear in Luke 16:27-31. This I believe is a false vision….however… I do believe Selena is in HELL because there was no evidence that she ever gave her life to CHRIST neither did her way of living reflect anything to do with the SAVIOR. Good deeds and being a good person has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. JESUS SAYS….”YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN!” JOHN 3:7

  • I really hope that Selena Quintanilla-Perez did know and accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. That is the only way she can ever go to Heaven according to the Bible.

    It does not matter how good, talented, hard-working, etc. we are. If we reject the Lord Jesus Christ, we are doomed. We might as well join Satan, the demons, and rest of the other evildoers in hell for eternity.

    I hate to see good people who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ going to hell. Hopefully, she was/is not one of them.

  • No one can be dead for 23 hours, first of all your brain starts to completely die in 10 minutes due to the lack of oxygen and glucose !
    Second, a dead person cannot shed any tears !
    Third Angelica Zambrano was NOT DEAD, she was ALIVE and had a vivid dream !
    Fourth her sect denomination is EVANGELICAL PROTESTANTS ! They HATE the POPE !
    As Protestants HATE CATHOLICS WITH ALL THEIR GUTS ! (Lutheran roots !)
    Hatred towards certain people, hidden deep into your subconscious, will be revealed into your visions of hell !
    Fifth judging others and/or imagining others who’s in hell or who’s in heaven is WRONG, that IS PROPHESYING AND SOOTHSAYING, IT GOES AGAINST THE HOLY SCRIPTURES !
    Sixth the concept of fire-hell and brimstone are the concept of the GREECE-ROMAN MYTHOLOGY of “hades” the FAKE Greek god of the UNDERWORLD of FIRE !


  • Selena would not be in hell she was a beautiful person with a good soul. I’m not sure about MJ though he did have the molestation accusations. The Pope John Paul was named a saint. This Angelica girl is part have a Evangelical cult who believe things like singing and dancing are a sin. And they do bizarre things like fasting for days on end. This Angelica girl would of been dead from lack of oxygen to the with in the first 10 mins and she would of went into acute organ failure from lack of food and water for the 15 days. I don’t doubt that maybe she had gotten weak and maybe passed out. Either way these evangelical cults are very dangerous. This girl is a false prophet trying to make a profit off of claiming to see dead celebrities who are human beings with families that been through enough. Read the bible instead of following someone like her.

  • I don’t knock this girl for bringing people to Christ, but let’s remember the story of Lazarus. God and Lazarus didn’t actually go into hell there is a barrier. It very easily could’ve been a dream. I don’t want to ruffle any feathers

  • How can Selena have gone to Hell instead of Heaven?Thats nonsense.She was a very good person cared about a lot of people and she enjoyed helping people in which ever she can.I heard people say why she went to hell is because she never repented.Thats stupid!Why I say that is because like I said she never had any intention of hurting any other animals or people,and if she did any sins she didn’t mean to or know she was doing that.So for her to have not got sent to heaven that was not fair at all,besides we all make mistakes nobody is perfect.And since she was so well loved by a whole bunch of other people and her killer Yolanda was not,I think if either were to go to hell it should be Yolanda not Selena.Again that’s so stupid to send any really good person to hell.

  • I can’t believe this. You’re saying that doing good deeds won’t get me to heaven but believing in GOD alone will? This sounds like I can believe in GOD with all my life even if I am doing bad things to people would still secure me a place in heaven. Is this it? help me understand.

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