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Is Blake Lively Bringing Chanel Down?

The last time I bought a designer purse for full retail was like, 1999 and I bought it with saved babysitting money, so I personally don’t really give a shit who’s doing the ads for Chanel’s handbags. However, some of the people at Chanel care, and they’re not too pleased with the company’s decision to use actress Blake Lively in their new campaign.

From our friends at Jezebel:

Apparently, there have been “internal grumblings” at Chanel’s U.S. division over the brand’s choice to hire Blake Lively as a face. Certain people say that Lively’s is an “off-brand look” — “the bitchy fashion industry’s clinical way of saying that Lively’s contemporary American beauty does not dovetail with Chanel USA’s efforts to sell its fashions as the height of European sophistication,” explains the Daily News. When Lively was named the new star of the brand’s ads, she memorably told the press that Chanel handbags are special because they’re “full of dreams.”

Yes, there is something very “American” about her look, but that’s why we like her over here, right? It may be an insult in the world of International Fashionz, but when you’re an American TV star, looking like an American TV star is totally appropriate, but….

Yo, is it bitchy to say that I kind of agree that Blake Lively has kind of fallen off in the last year or so? Like, six months to a year ago the girl was smokin’ and looked just a couple years older than her age. Then last night I saw a clip of her on the news and today I’m seeing this and damn! Blake looks like she’s 35! And I don’t mean that in an (entirely) ageist way, I mean that the girl’s doing something unhealthy, even if it’s just long hours on set. It’s not normal to age like that over the course of a year.

Anyway, do you think that Blake has what it takes to sell some Chanel bags, or do you agree that there could have been a better face for the famous brand?

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