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Selena Gomez Looked Like a Damn Fool at Perez Hilton’s Birthday Party This Weekend

Ugh. It’s going to be one of those days, isn’t it? It’s going to be one of those days where I have to be mean about someone that I normally find to be adorable and charming because she went ahead and did something really dumb this weekend and now I’m forced to look at photos of it. Fine! If that’s the way this is going to go, that’s fine!

Selena Gomez went to Perez Hilton’s birthday party Saturday night (her first mistake) and took the “everything blue” theme so seriously that she wound up looking like what you see above AKA a broke-ass drag queen. Like, I legitimately have seen this wardrobe and makeup on someone before, and it was a drag queen outside of one of the saddest and seediest gay bars in town. Same outfit except his/her heels were pretty beaten up.

I’m not one to knock a girl for going all out for a party’s sake, but this is too much wrong. The make up, the headpiece, the horrific body art and that castoff prom dress = a really unfortunate look.

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  • Ya know, I head about this website by clicking on an ad you had on Perez Hilton’s website a few years ago. Yet everytime Perez’s name is brought up on this site, something negative is said along with it, usually about him, this time Selena. What is the beef here? I’ve never seen him say anything unprofessional about another blog site. Just find it odd.

    • His blog is better because he brings news faster and is posting new posts constantly…he also posts on a wider variety of topics.

      I think they hate him because he has his clear favorites, which happen to be some of Beet’s favorite people to hate (Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, etc.). I like Perez’s site because he also talks about topical news stories, not just celeb stuff. He can be harsh and his favoritism can get annoying and he can write some downright stupid shit, but that’s with all blogs. He is less mean/harsh than Beet, so it definitely is noteworthy and pretty ironic that the Beet writers call him out. He’s far too popular and has a big enough cash flow to bad mouth other sites.


  • seriously, i can’t even get through reading this site anymore. every single article is just nitpicking at something stupid. you guys are just a slightly more clever version of perez hilton in his glory days.

  • Yeah, bitchy much? SHE’S A KID, and I think she went out all out in a theatrical and fun way. Why compare her to a drag queen, unless you want to highlight how FABULOUS she is! Don’t make that a negative thing! I have to agree–this site has become negative.

  • Let’s see…..she went to an over-the-top gay man’s blue themed party dressing as an over-the top drag queen? She wins this one honestly.

  • you rip half your shit straight from his site, then talk bad about him. you pitiful ass wipes…

  • Come on, it was a Blue Ball themed party, she’s just 18. I’m 18 as well, and I think she just wanted to go out her way to look different and have fun. As long as she had fun (which she did, according to her twitter), it’s all good.