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But Seriously, How is Kendall Jenner a Model?

Alright, so I understand that I’m getting into some sticky stuff here, but with the Kardashian clan, that’s not all that unusual (rimshot!)

Anyone who’s been following the Kardashian saga can tell you that Kim, Khloe and Kourt’s baby sis, Kendall Jenner, has been trying to break into modeling for a little over a year now. There were those infamous bikini beach shots, and now she’s the face for Sherri Hill prom dresses. I understand that all it takes these days is a famous face to land an endorsement deal, but I’m pretty sure that the bigger picture here is that the Kardashians are trying to position Kendall as some sort of model.

Look, I’m not calling the girl ugly. She’s above average looking for sure, but model material? Well, I definitely wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s got “that face.” If Kendall wasn’t a technically Kardashian sister, I doubt she’d even make it past the front door of Wilhelmina’s children’s department.

Do you think Kendall has what it takes to stay afloat in the modeling biz? Vote in the poll and holla back in the comments.

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  • Geez! What is with EVERY POST being about ragging on some poor girl? She is gorgeous! I have seen many a model in the high fashion mags whom I find downright ugly but someone called them “unique” and stuck them in modeling. I could absolutely see her in the glossy mags, she would have just as big a chance if she were a small town girl with no family ties to the biz.

    • I think she is good looking. Her features are nice and she has a cheer leader type beauty. Sure, some models are more distinct or striking, but Kendall is above average which makes her good looking enough to be a model.

  • I’ve seen much worse-looking models. And while I think she could use a sandwich, model agencies just love skeletal girls. So I don’t see where you’re coming from.

  • I think she’s really pretty but she doesn’t have the pronounced features most top models do. I can see her being a Victoria’s Secret girl, but not really a catwalk/high fashion type. She has a great body and is tall from what I can remember them saying on the show, but she doesn’t have “that face” for sure

  • I think she’s about 14 and ever since the first time I saw her, I thought she was stunning. She’s probably going to be prettier than all her older sisters when she grows up into a woman.

  • i’m totally agree!, i mean, she’s pretty but it takes a lot more to be model… if she wasn’t famous (i mean, her sisters weren’t famous) she wouldn’t be at the industry now and she knows that

  • I’m sorry but that girl is not beautiful. She’s not ugly either. More plain looking with a flat looking nose. However, I have been in the modeling scene and a lot of the models are either really plain looking or just down right unattractive. It’s really about having looking like and being a 12 year old girl with the right look for the season. So when the media flashes those “A” list stars and models. First take off the makeup and undo the photoshop and see how pretty they really are. I’ve seen beautiful girls get turn down from modeling and they don’t even need the cover up to be beautiful. It’s all fake, the people, the looks in terms of physicality. Some models even look so different from their photos that the person, him/her self and the picture are like two completely different people. I’ve seen it happen before. It really is fake.

  • kendall is defintly is suppose to be a model shes sooo stunning i fine her so gorgeous and beautiful. shes going to be more prettier then kim k when she gets older you see

  • shes so beautiful!! the best one in my opinion.and i love how shes so tall in shinny.

  • Kendall Jenner isn’t beautiful, She looks really ugly without makeup if there is a person that looks pretty with makeup & ugly without makeup they’re not Beautiful she isn’t attractive & in my opinion none of the Jenner’s or Kardashian’s are pretty they’re all fake wearing too much makeup!! Kylie & Kendall are better looking than the Kardashian/Kartrashian but they’re still not beautiful. I don’t get why these girls have so many money! I know alot of people who have true talent but they’re broke so The Kardashian are rich because of Rob Kardashian there dad they do nothing they’re just simply ugly ass whores like Snoop Dogg said & many others. I hope Kendall & Kylie don’t follow the Kartrashian foot stepped.

  • I think she’s not just ugly, she actually Fugly. Anyone who thinks she’s pretty is simply in love with the K-Klan. If she wasn’t part of the Klan, she’d be nothing.

  • I don’t think she is fugly, nor an exceptional beauty (the make up helps a lot) Her sister Kim has the best face in the family despite being a gold digging wh0re. Kendall Jenner has a very average face, with a model body. There are so many models with a very average faces, so she fits right in. I watched an episode once (there was nothing else on t.v.) and Kim referred to Kylie as the “pretty one”. I almost choked on my cereal.

  • Kendall is the ugliest one an looks like some sort of deformed giant, she’s propper plain nerdy lookin bore the least entertaining of the kardashians, big lanky plain ghostly white plain Jane, Kylue seems nicer an has more personality of the two she’s more cute lookin an Kim an journey are gorgeous, khloes ugly to be honest but she was the funniest now since she got with Lamar she’s gone boring and is trying to be a G it’s embarrassing, she’s obv happy an in love but she’s not being herself she isn’t funny atall now. That is the blaitenly truth of the matter all the “sheep” who just follow the typical media rubbish will believe she’s stunning cus they don’t have an actual mind of there isn, but all the people with actual common sense will agree. End of.

  • She is stunning! She could be a model, actress whatever she wants! Her future is bright! So a note to the haterz, Overcome ur jealousy coz theres no stopping the Kardashians!!

    • You must be a teenager with no brains. Thanks for being a fan of the clown-ass family known as Kartrashian.

  • Kendall is gorgeous don’t get me wrong, she just doesn’t have that modeling material. Although she isn’t horrible it seems like she would be a nobody if she wasn’t rich and famous (mostly from being a Kardashian.) Again I’m NOT saying she is ugly and talentless, it just seems like her family is how she became a model.

  • I honestly don’t know what you are talking about, or you pathetic low life people who commented saying she’s, ugly. Kendall is absolutely beautiful with or without makeup. Ha I’d like to see what you people who are saying she’s ugly look like! It’s all your own insecurities! and for you who said khloe is ugly..actually, khloe is beautiful! You are all jealous, which is quite clear, so grow up and get a life, because she is stunning! The jealousy is ridiculous.

  • She’s got a very weird face and not in a ugly/pretty abstract way more in a really dont like looking at it way. I was surprised she was the one who got the modelling contract i dont think she’s stunning or interesting looking, kim modelling i understand but her ???? just a child in make up.

    All those people claiming everyone who has a negative opinion is jealous, please shes a z lister with no rep if anything im wishing id be one of the real kardashians. She clearly got the job because of who her family is, great for her really it is but that doesnt make her model material, from watching the show she’s too spoilt, stuck up and brat like and her attitude is just going to get worst. Photographers and agencies HATE working with people like that, she’ll get dropped as fast as she got picked up.

    She’s most likely going to end up another annoying media whore living in the darkest corner of her more attractive half sisters shadow. She’ll never be a big deal.

  • I think she is absolutely stunning, probably the prettiest women/girl i’ve ever seen, i really don’t get where you’re comjng from. Kendall Jenner ugly?? Yeah right, she’s a freakin angel.

  • She has no body, no curve, no boobs, nothing but a bony body. That is not sexy. She looks like a man sometimes, lack of women hormone. Kylie is 100x better than her.

  • Her face reminds me of the alien specie in the movie “Splice” her eyes are so far apart , she def doesnt have that versatile model face that changes every after a make up.

  • She is a pretty girl. Like the girls that go to my son’s high school. She just does NOT have that inner “oomph”, that sparkle that “it factor”. She does not bring it at all. Her face is pretty but her nose is flat, like her personality. No way am I jealous, she just looks like an average model for Sears teens or something.

  • She is a pretty girl. Like the girls that go to my son’s high school. She just does NOT have that inner “oomph”, that sparkle that “it factor”. She does not bring it at all. Her face is pretty but her nose is flat, like her personality. No way am I jealous, she just looks like an average model for Sears teens oqr something.

  • She’s extremely average looking, boring personality, skinny body which looks like a teen boy’s body. The prettiest and the one with best personality there is Khloe by far. This whore is being called pretty because of her name, makeup, photoshop and that’s it.

  • Kendall Jenner is a very beautiful lady and she will be the best supermodel in the world

  • Kendall is NOT top model material at all. One of the answerers who stated she looked like Miranda Cosgroove was right–Kendall Jenner looks like an actress out of iCarly or Victorious, not a model, much less a top working model.

  • her face looks disgusting af like someone who’s eternally waking up after being drunk . I guess surgery is in the corner .

  • I think she is much prettier than most models and definetely better looking than her sisters.

  • She’s pretty, not stunning,gorgeous or beautiful. She’s made it big because of the name. Of coarse not all models are beautiful, but the ones who aren’t are usually really interesting looking. Get ur ego on girl, because prettier girls can be found anywhere

  • Okay, I just read all of this and people it’s non of your business, if she wants to be a model she will be and if she became famous because of Kardashian family, so what?. If you are jealous that she more beautifu and world wide famous. I’m sorry

  • Kendall Jenner…..a model?…..hmmmmm The body is passable….she’s skinny….but the face? Kendall Jenner just isn’t pretty or unique looking.

  • I do think kendall is plain with no “it” qualityabout her. However, she fits the measurements and because of her family fame she brings attention to the brand it’s an easy business decision to make. I do have to say that I admire kendall’s fortitude while perusing her dream but dealing with vast amount of behind the scenes bullying. Lets not forget that she’s practically a kid still and it can’t be easy having the rest of the world tell you what sucks about you. Nepotism will always be around so it’s best just to suck it up and deal.