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That Sucker Punch Movie Premiere Was Pretty

photo of vanessa hudgens in sucker punch pictures

So when was the last time that YOU saw photos of a movie premiere that hosted so many attractive young ladies? Because the last time I remember seeing this many pretty, successful young women gracing the screen, it was for Now and Then. And you just hold your tongue right there, friend, because that. Was a good movie.

This is also the main difference between Now and Then and Sucker Punch. SP is supposedly filled with gratuitous heaving cleavage, short-shorts, and deflowering of innocent women, and Now and Then? Was just way classier. I’m not saying that SP is a bad movie to see – I just won’t see it. But that’s because my tastes don’t generally run toward movies like Hellboy and Iron Man.

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  • It’s comical how airbrushed the movie posters are…3/4 of the girls don’t look anything like themselves on the posters. They’re not ugly in real life so I don’t get why they decided to air brush the shit out of them into unrecognizable cartoon women

  • I loved Now and then too but, although I think the young cast killed it, the older cast (playing the kids later in life) sucked big time…

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