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Can We Talk About Raven-Symoné?

I just watched this with Raven-Symoné, and I don’t think I’ve been more confused about my opinion on a person since my friend dated this really sweet sociopath who lied about needing an abortion to swindle money and attention out of him and then disappeared completely one day. Well, actually, her I think I hate, but Raven-Symoné is a little harder to pin down.

Is this chick funny? She might be. She kind of makes me smile and she definitely has an animated personality, but she’s also kind of a cheeseball and I can swear that at least half of the things she said didn’t make sense.

Also, I think she might be kind of pretty now? Her skin looks amazing. And yo! Did you know that Olivia from the Cosby Show is 25 years old now?! I could have sworn that I was anywhere from 10-100 years older than this chick, but she’s just two years younger than me. That’s kinda mind-blowing.

What’s your verdict on Raven-Symoné and do you have any idea why she weirds me out so much?

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  • I think she’s cute and pretty funny. I think she weirds ME out a bit because she is kinda “InstaWoman.” The last time I saw her (which seems like five minutes ago) she was like two feet tall and now she’s a grown woman. And you can still see a bit of that two foot tall child in her so my brain is trying to reconcile and it’s having a hard time.

  • nah, shes a bitch. met her at epcot a few years ago with my kids. loved “that’s so raven” at the time. she was rude and acted totally annoyed to be there. i mean i don’t loooove other peoples kids either, but let’s be real…homegirl was just a chubby little turd with a whole lotta sass at that point n disney was money in the bank. coulda did without the eye rollin while she signed the grossly overpriced dvd. im just sayin

  • weirds me out a little bit, i dunno bout her sudden gasps and low talking voice at points… its like no one sounds like that, its chill… you dont need to either.

  • hmm, I like her.. but she does look like she lost a TON of weight. and the skin thing, well I’m sure she is has make up on, so it might not be all her.
    but… I still like her, she’s goofy.