We May Or May Not Have A Picture Of James Franco’s Penis

A photo of James Franco

Earlier this week, you guys all revealed your love for theorizing about dick.  And that’s fine, that’s healthy, carry on. Specifically, carry on with James Franco.

Before you get your hopes up and your pants down, let me tell you that we’re not sure if this is a penis or not.  It could be a finger, it could be an artfully placed wrist.  I don’t know, that’s why I’m turning to you guys.  So jump on in and let me know what exactly it was that James tweeted last night.

A photo of James Franco

Well?  I know, I know, I’ve seen that hilarious little joke where dudes stick their hand down their pants and stick their finger through their fly and go “Hey, check out my dick!”  But check it out: you can see where his elbow is.  If that’s his finger, wouldn’t his forearm have to be crazy long?  How could he reach his finger down that far?  I need some answers here.


  1. DD says:

    i think he has a long forearm.

  2. Are ya’ll obsessed with James Franco or what? If it is his penis, what good does it do you?


  3. Danielle says:

    I’m calling it penis. Because that though excites me. Yeah. Penis.

  4. can says:

    its the back of his leg..if u rotate the picture it looks like hes laying stomach side down on a rug beside a couch

  5. Lou says:

    even if it is a penis…it’s just a pink blotch. not really all that exciting, in terms of length and girth.

  6. nicole peach says:

    You simply have to check out the article on Jezebel entitled “Dear James Franco: you were a Jerk to me” by Kristina Wong.

    A revelation

    • ezsole says:

      maybe it wasnt such a good speech to begin with…we r all entitled to our opinion, right? it wasn´t a public humiliation, he was just having a private conversation with somebody else, she overheard it. blown out of proportion…way out of proportion plus all that hatred towards the guy just cause he works in movies and is good at it… wow!

  7. Shannon Humpy says:

    I think it’s just thigh, but I’ll tell myself it’s not.

  8. Jax says:

    It looks like he’s laid on a couch and he has his left arm in his pants.

  9. Jax says:

    I think it’s about time I volunteered to take a decent photo for him to post? You think he’ll agree??? lol

  10. ezsole says:

    thumb like in pinneapple express

  11. Charlize says:

    It’s clearly his finger it’s the way the picture is shot that makes him look like he has a long forearm.. He was probably jus messin around if he really wanted to show his “masterpiece” he wouldve showed it.

  12. Marylandgirl says:

    I seen right away his hand is in his pants. If you look the button on his pants are showing.

    Men tend to do this alot when sleeping or adjusting it sometimes in pirvate.

    Come on people stop being so penis minded it is def! NOT a penis

  13. Killamagic says:

    It is clearly his finger IDIOT’S!!!!

  14. TESS(Ticles) says:


  15. the_dude says:

    If it is dick then all the gaybois should be happier than pigs in shit.

  16. smartiepops says:

    How do we even know that’s James Franco????

  17. Gary says:

    Silly people, it couldn’t be his penis, because his penis is obviously in his hand, otherwise why would he have his hand in his pants? It looks like part of his scrotum, as evidenced by the color difference between his forearm and the “mystery” appendage. As his finger would never be a pinkish color like that, but his scrotum could be.

  18. ezsole says:

    100% nutsack

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