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O.J. Simpson Got Beat Up By Skinheads In Jail?!

The National Enquirer is reporting that O.J. Simpson, who’s currently serving time in prison for armed robbery, was recently beaten pretty badly by several other inmates. The former football star was attacked in the prison yard by a bunch of skinheads, and apparently was in such bad shape after the beating that he’s now afraid to leave his cell.

From The National Enquirer:

The battle erupted at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center, where Simpson is serving at least nine years for his role in an armed confrontation with sports memorabilia dealers in Las Vegas in September 2007.

Unknown to the former NFL star, The Juice has been a marked man behind bars ever since white supremacists overheard him brag about his sexual conquests of beautiful white women.

“Unfortunately for O.J., a group of young skinhead punks were within earshot – and they were enraged,” Simpson’s former business partner Bruce Fromong told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

“They waited for a day when he would be in the exercise yard without his usual posse of black prisoners.

“O.J. was completely unprotected when one of the toughest of the skinheads – who’s in his mid-20s – jumped him.”

If you consider the source, this story could be nothing more than a dramatic piece of fan fiction, but TNE says the story is real and has been covered up by the prison staff out of embarrassment. O.J. is no longer staying in the prison’s infirmary, but he is afraid to interact with other inmates.

Of course my initial instinct after reading this story is to feel slightly bad for O.J. Getting beaten by a pack of skinheads sounds like the worst thing ever, but then I remembered that I’m pretty sure O.J. murdered the mother of his children and her boyfriend.

Do you think there’s any truth to these reports, and if so, how do you feel about it?

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  • @???? ~Careful now, don’t let your brains go to your head! It’s news because he’s famous, or more to the point, infamous.

  • This sounds way too good to be true. If only it actually happened. Maybe someday. We can only hope. I can’t believe that Skinheads would concern themselves with O.J., but it’d be great if they did.

  • I thought happy things as well when I read the headline, but the story sounds off. Plus, he’s technically elderly. That doesn’t always matter in jail, but he IS a grandpa, at least figuratively. I don’t this this happened.

  • I think it’s just wishful thinking. OJ is a celebrity in prison, after getting away with murder. I bet he’s idolized in there for getting over on the man.

    • The skinheads could care less how old he is. If he’s black and still standing semi upright, he’s fair game… ESPECIALLY if he’s been accused of killing a white woman, and then bragging about bagging tons of white chicks. Also, he’s a target simply because he’s black. They’re called skinheads for a reason.

  • Whatever you sow in life good or bad, is what you will recieve
    of course I believe there needs to be real eviedance? For a story
    like this to come up to snuff.

    • If this was true the Headline would read Race riot in PRISON THE BROTHERS ARE NOT GOING TO ALLOW OJ TO BE DISRESPECTED BY SKINHEADS so keep dreaming he will be okay, been there and done that everything was a set up and we know it from trial to sentence.

  • If the ones who are basing their negative opinions about OJ killed Nicole and Goldman, on what the news media showed. Did not actually see the entire trial on Court TV. You would see that OJ did not kill his ex-wife and Goldman. Keep in mind Court TV showed the trial in it’s entirety while the news media only shown what they what the public to see. Believe you me, OJ did not do those crimes. This is why the jury found him not guilty.

    You negative individuals who are bashing OJ really do not know the truth and you need to shut your mouths and get your hands on the actual Court TV coverage and you will see the evidence clearly shows he did not commit those crimes.

    • First of all, the crime scene investigators who processed that crime scene DESTROYED the hell out of it. The detectives taking pictures and standing on the white sheet put under the body with their own feet in the picture is plain stupidity. Then taking the picture with their disposable gloves thrown on goldmans body for the evidence docmenting photos, disgraceful. They should be fired from their jobs. Photos like that where I come from can totally ruin a case. Unprofessional on their parts no wonder, OJ got off, the detectives and crime scene investigators dont know how to properly do their jobs

  • I Checked the story on several Internet news sites, there is no doubt he was beat up required medical attention.
    I think he is getting payback , anyone that stupid to have slipped out of the noose in LA and then get involved in that extortion business in Nevada deserves to get the shit kicked out of him. How stupid can he be.

  • Anytime someone is of color….someone always pulls the race card. It’s amazing what a lack of education can bring. Just look at OJ.

  • First of all OJ did not kill that women. There is a serial killer out there free that the LA police still is trying to find. Check the police reports at that time. Oj was hated because he was rich handsome and had access to many women especially white women and these racist bigoted white men had to do him in. Oj only crime is that he is extremely arrogance and didnt believe he could be touched.

    • Anonymous, you have to be a frigin moron to think he is innocent. That man or should I say monster is a maniac. It wasnt him being a “handsome” black man who got many white woment that put him on the top of suspect list. it was the fact that he ran and people who are innocent DO NOT run. I hope this isnt the last beating he gets in prision. Hopefully someone makes him their “bitch” in there. He deserves no mercy, no compassion, but does deserve a life of misery in his own hell on earth

    • A serial killer that just happened to kill OJ’s estranged wife and a man rumored to be her boyfriend… after he had allegedly beaten the crap out of her many times before (which is why she was divorcing him in the first place)? Listen, OJ was a man in good shape, and much larger than her when this happened. He easily over powered her and Ron. He even had a knife on him. You don’t carry a knife unless you intend to use it, which he did.

  • Yeah, OJ is innocent ; and I didn’t fuck Sharon, Donna, Joanne and about twenty other girls, give me a break

  • I have had sex with many different women, probably more than OJ himself; I even gave Joanne a pearl necklace

  • So what he’s human, that’s jail, prison, work camps. They all fight guards don’t care. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time ! Man Up O.J. Atleast you’re still alive , your kids will never know their mother. What’s goes around …

  • He got beat up by a bunch of skinheads? LOL. That’s like living in tornado alley your whole life, and then going to Canada for a camping trip, only to be killed by a tornado. (True story by the way).

  • How can one person murder two people with a knife and neither one of them managed to escape? that in itself is proof that OJ did not kill his ex wife or her male friend. people use your common sense. OJ was a bad husband yes & is an extremely arrogant guy but he’s not a murderer. His wife Nicole was not a saint either. The woman did drugs & dealt with dangerous drug dealers around the LA area who may have killed her & her friend. The LAPD WERE TO RACIST AND IGNORANT TO FOLLOW OTHER LEADS IN THE TRAGIC CASE. Now we are left with this forever blame OJ syndrome AND IT IS JUST SAD TO READ ABOUT!


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  • R u kidding? To defend O.J.? I watched this unfold and the only reason he was found not guilty was the fear of public destruction and local law enforcement being tagged racists and I would say scared jurist. When decisions are made by media propaganda for public and political reasons without thinking about the Constitutional Rights of everyone involved, ya get OJ. I hope he is scared everyday. You reap what you sow. …it may take years or minutes but the correction is inevitable. Cops are racists for the most part, blue line. OJ is an ignorant dick.

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