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3Prom: Jessica Simpson Style!

A photo of Jessica Simpson

And before you guys start, this isn’t a story about how some random Texas high school chose “Leopard Print and Tears” as their prom theme, no matter how much you or I wish that were the case.  No, this is just another story of dear Jessica plowing through adversity and expanding her fashion empire with a line of prom dresses, available at David’s Bridal.

So what do we think?  Jessica said that the line was inspired by designer gowns that she’s worn, and that she wanted to make that style “accessible and affordable for teens.”  I think the dresses look pretty cute, and they run anywhere from $139 to $229, so I’m going to call this a job well done.

Can we give Jessica Simpson permission to turn that frown upside down yet?

Images courtesy of David’s Bridal

February 12, 2011 at 10:00 am by Emily
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3 Responses to “Prom: Jessica Simpson Style!”

  1. ila says:

    wow the dresses are actually pretty(specially the yellow one) good for her this is awesome

  2. C says:

    I like the black one and the fuchsia one. The blue one looks cheap as shit though.

  3. mireee says:

    Aren’t they a bit overpriced? I paid €45 (around $30) for my prom dress at University and it looked good. I mean, why spend so much on a dress you are only going to wear once?

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