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Lindsay Lohan Freed on Bail With a Warning

photo of lindsay lohan heading to court for felony grand theft pictures

Yesterday, as you all know, Lindsay Lohan was arraigned in court on a felony charge of grand theft, and predictably, she was released on bail of 20k. Linds plead ‘not guilty,’ but despite her assertions that she was totally innocent, the judge still warned her not to ‘push her luck.’

Lindsay, who was charged with the felony, still claims that she didn’t steal the $2500 necklace from the Venice jeweler, but that the store ‘lent’ it to her. The store, however, is sticking fast to their original police report that Lindsay intentionally walked off with it and now want a no-contact order against Lindsay, as she’s apparently been sending them flowers as a peace offering LOL – shitty, wilted flowers in exchange for silence over an allegedly-stolen $2500 necklace – that’s the height of class right there, you guys.

All I know is that telling Lindsay Lohan not to push her luck is like jamming coke up her right nostril and telling her not to inhale.  But hey – one can hope, right?