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Oh, So Alexis Neiers’ Sister is Addicted to Heroin, Too

Remember the Bling Ring? Alexis Neiers, the chick who basically headed up the whole thing and then got that E! show Pretty Wild, she’s in rehab for heroin addiction. That happened like a month ago after the cops busted her with a balloon full of the stuff. Then yesterday we learned that her sister Tess Taylor, who also starred on Pretty Wild, is also in rehab for heroin addiction. What the fuck is going on with this family?

Alexis and Taylor’s mother, Andrea Arlington, made a statement about Tess’s rehab stay, saying, “Approximately two weeks ago after a lot of coaxing from sister Alexis and myself, and after almost losing her life, Tess contacted Greg Hannley, owner of the SOBA Recovery center in Malibu and asked for help.”

She also said that her daughter was down to just 93 lbs. by the time she finally agreed to go into treatment.

Uhhh, look. I’ve never personally dealt with a situation like this, so you’ll have to pardon my ignorance, but how does this even happen? Are these girls this way because of shitty parenting, over or underexposure to the finer things or some sort of lethal combination? My suburban Massachusetts brain can’t even begin to wrap itself around this kind of behavior.

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  • With heroin, it can only take once. I would say especially for rich kids because they are probably getting fairly decent stuff. It is remarkably addictive both physically and mentally.

  • I’ve known plenty of junkies. The stuff devastates and blights their lives. There is no other way around it. I’ve always hated needles. However, I became an insulin dependent diabetic three years ago (no, not type I, no, not type II – hemochromatosis – look it up and you might save your own life) and I have to inject 4x daily. I commented to one of my ex-heroin addict friends, “You’re now an ex-IV drug user and now I’m a sub-cutaneous drug user!”. Doh!

  • Anyone that pays Greg Hannley for “rehab” is a fool. He allows people to get loaded on site,no consequences. Another con man in Malibu,getting rich off of peoples misery. Dirty man with a dirty “rehab”.

  • Basically headed up the bling ring ? A bit of a stretch. As to why these kids are so f@cked up take a look at their mother she is an idiot.

  • I’ve caught their show a couple of times. These girls basically raise themselves. Their mother home schooled them, using some curriculum she made up after centered around some book she read. I remember her handing out adderall like it’s candy as well and the girls being allowed to come home whenever they want. So I can’t say I’m too surprised they are hooked on drugs. Though heroin’s a bit of an odd choice; with their crowd, it’s usually coke.

  • I’ll tell you how it happens. You have rich kids with lots of money and are bored. They want to be edgy and gangsta and try heroin like every other drug. But heroin is extra addicting and they become junkies and try to drag other people into it (little siblings look up to big siblings too). Before you know it, they’re stealing the family silver for a fix.

  • More than likely, they’re snorting it (ala Nicole Richie circa 2003), not shooting it up. Snorting it is *classy*, doncha know?

  • All of the above posters are retarded.

    Spoiled little rich kids don’t just decide to inject themselves with heroin one day.

    They steal Vicodin from their parents, or from grandma’s medicine cabinet. Then they graduate to Oxy. Then they start blowing all their money on their opiate habit, until one day some douche passes on the wisdom that heroin is cheaper and easier on the liver.

    (Ironic, isn’t it, that the aspirin in prescription painkillers will kill you quicker than the opiates?)

    Pills are much easier to come by these days, and much easier to maintain a habit on. My guess is, Tess is celebrating her Playboy “Cyber Girl of the Year” award while inducting on 16mg of Suboxone a day, in some group rehab where every dude is trying to put his penis inside her. And so it goes.

  • Heroin is cheaper and purer these days. Also. going doc shopping
    with current pharmacy data bases is nearly immpossible. Also adds
    another level of felony. So heroin is easienot desire for highr after your pills are gone. It is the acetominophen plus booze that kills your liver.

    Opiates are fine if you have a reliable steady supply with the same purity level. Which will never happen,so ODs will continue.
    Suboxine sstops withdrawl. But you will want that high. her working as stripper is like diabetic in candyland.

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