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Another Exclusive Photo From The New ‘Spiderman’

Yet another image of Andrew Garfield in his Spiderman suit has been released, but this one is way less official and therefore far more dishy. A fan captured this shot of Spidey running through busy “New York traffic” yesterday (it’s really just over by MOCA in Downtown, LA.)

I was over there the other day to check out the museum and my friend and I saw all these NYPD cars. I assumed they were filming some bullshit cop show that no one really cares about. Now that I know they’ve been using that area as a location, I want to drown myself for not seizing the opportunity to rape Andrew Garfield. This is obviously why those NYPD cars were there! Ugh! Kill me!

Also spotted Downtown was The Daily Bugle van. Looks like filming’s in full swing.

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