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You Could Be Leighton Meester’s New Roommate!

OK, not really, but that’s what the campaign for her new movie The Roommate will have you believe.

These posters have been plastered all over the country, and when you call the number on the poster, you’ll get to hear a short message from “Rebecca”, the character in the film played by Leighton.

Don’t kill me, but I kind of want to see this movie. More than I want to see the other current Meester flick, Country Strong, anyway.  When I was home over Christmas, my 14-year old sister was obsessed with the trailer and on my third viewing, it totally clicked: This is a modern update of one of the greatest movies of all time, Single White Female.

Anyone who’s ever had any semblance of a weirdo roommate who’s too up in their business can relate to this, and in this day and age, who hasn’t been there? Between college and craigslist, we’ve all unknowingly wound up in a living situation with a total freak. Thankfully, most of us come out of these situations alive.

While we’re on the subject, why not tell us about your worst roommate situation in the comments. Maybe your Single White Female wasn’t even a live-in, just a psycho disguised as a friend you couldn’t ditch. Either way, I love these stories because they make me feel like less of a freak magnet, so PLEASE tell all!

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  • I love these stories, so I’m going to encourage them so much.

    My Single White Female was a girl that my parents referred to as Single White Female. She was 30, I was 18, and we met at the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere (because I am cool like that). She was neat for that night, but then she got my phone number from a mutual friend and started calling me at all hours and showing up at my house unannounced, and if I wasn’t home she’d settle in and visit with my mother. I thought I could handle it, but I was totally wrong. She was also a big fan of impromptu slumber parties, like she’d show up uninvited and then say she was too tired to drive back home. Girl had some serious issues, both mentally and with body odor.

  • My horrible roommate was a creepy dude that presented himself as a total peace loving, woman respecting hippie, but ended up drinking 40’s in his room every night, then coming into my bedroom to “talk” at 3 in the morning. He also stole my Mazzy Star CDs and 20 bucks. Hey, that was a lot of money back then! Later I heard that he ended up in prison.

  • My boyfriend and I had a roommate who had a career change while we were living with him to drug dealer, operating out of our house. So, we moved out and moved on, and about a year after not really seeing the old roommate, we moved across the country to Milwaukee, WI. We got to Milwaukee super late at night, threw some blankets on the floor and slept until a 4 am knock at the door woke us. Our old drug dealer roommate had apparently stolen a car in Reno, NV and followed us on out to Milwaukee, completely unbeknownst to us, thinking he’d just come live with us again for a while.