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10Guess Who Has To Have Her Vagina Tattoo Removed?

Eva Longoria's Regretful Vagina Tattoo

As if divorcing her cheating husband isn’t painful enough, Eva Longoria is now having to remove traces of Tony Parker from even her most private of places.

The Examiner is reporting that the actress recently met with a tattoo specialist about erasing the three Tony-themed tattoos that Eva had etched on her body while the couple was together. There’s the “nine” tattoo on the back of her neck, their wedding date on her wrist wrist and the b-ball player’s initials on her you-know-what.

Yikes. As if having to remove a tattoo isn’t bad enough, getting one lasered off your vag because your marriage failed has to be the ultimate bummer.

Any of you ever made the mistake of inking a tribute to the wrong person on your body? Did you keep it as is, cover it up, or get it sandblasted off your bod like poor Eva?

January 4, 2011 at 1:00 pm by Molls

10 Responses to “Guess Who Has To Have Her Vagina Tattoo Removed?”

  1. kt says:

    wait… she has “TP” next to her vadge. the toilet jokes just write themselves. lol.

  2. ihatethat says:

    The vagina is on the INSIDE, the labia/vulva is on the outside and where she prob got the tattoo is on her pelvic (pelvis region) area. I hate when people refer to the entire female anatomy as the “vagina”.


    Personally I’ve never seen a celebrity vagina before but I’ve seen lots of celebrity labia.

  3. liz says:

    what a stupid woman how come the men NEVER put the woman’s initials on their junk ??????????? time to wise up ladies.

  4. Bobby Boo says:

    we don’t call it ‘junk’. We call it ‘the family jewels’ as is appropriate. and it would be a sacrilege to tatoo that most precious bodily part.

  5. urmoroons says:

    Bobby – the rest of the world (everyone other than you) calls balls the jewels and I imagine he’s talking about the other part
    And some guys have tattooed ‘it’

  6. silkysmooth says:

    wtf thi whole topic is fin stupid

  7. Hairfree says:

    It would be easier and less painful to find another guy with the initials TP. If she’ll marry me, I’d be willing to change my name.

    Or… she could just tell everyone that Tony Parker has a tiny pecker.

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