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Lindsay Lohan to Stay in Rehab Longer – Nope, Strike That; Reverse It

photo of lindsay lohan drunk drinking with man pictures in bikini

Though it was reported just earlier today that Lindsay Lohan would be spending some self-induced extra time in rehab, she went and checked out. Also today.  Like, less than an hour ago.


And just when you thought that the drama and the mayhem was over for Linds and her cracked-out posse of enablers, she’s gone and moved from her West Hollywood apartment to a home directly across the street from ex-gal and theoretical punching bag, Samantha Ronson.

I know that we all felt warm and fuzzy about Lindsay squawking about renewed dedication to her sobriety, but if her alcoholism, drug abuse, and sexuality is as flippantly tossed around as her rash decisions regarding self-stability are, we’ll be seeing some fur flying over the next few months, if not weeks.

I just hope that she starts bumping snatches again with Ronson. It’d be almost as good as Britney wearing the pink wig again. Let the fuckery commence!