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Guess Who’s Going to Have a New Reality Show?

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I’ll give you a hint – it’s a couple. Who were married within the last two years. Many of you think that their marriage is totally not going to make it, and I’m actually with you on that big old boat. Their friends and family are definitely no strangers to publicity or, ahem, fame-whoring, and for this newish couple to have a reality show, it isn’t really all that surprising. Gag-inducing, yes, because shit reality shows are just taking fucking television over, but it was kind of inevitable. The show, which is currently untitled, will begin filming in the new year and will follow the couple in their day-to-day BS, documenting each and every four-day couch pigout involved.

Take your guess and jump in to find out who it is*!

*Hint: It’s not Michael Jackson.


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Surprise! And, you know, if any of you chose like, Orlando ‘Fuck the paparazzi’ Bloom and Miranda Kerr, all of my respect for you is gone.