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Guess What Tom Got Katie For Her Birthday!

A photo of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

It’s a spin class!  The matching grey sweatsuits are symbols of love!

No, but really, that’s what happened.  Katie Holmes’ birthday was yesterday, so Tom Cruise flew to New York and in a true display of thoughtfulness and romance, he took her to a spin class.  Granted, he did take her to “an intimate dinner” afterwards, but come on now.  Is that how you say “happy birthday” to the mother of your child, Tom Cruise?

And I know that for some couples, this is great.  This would be an awesome birthday activity to share together.  But somehow, I’m not sure Katie is feeling it so much.  Maybe it’s the paparazzi – you can’t look happy all the time.  Or maybe it’s her dead-inside eyes that are cast down to the ground, as if the last rays of hope for rescue are just draining out of her.

Yeah, I think it’s that last one.

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  • hey…katie u know what is right and wrong, right??? Than dont make a mistake being with someone for convience, it does not bring happiness to u or baby. Being with someone for bennifits does not make it right. Money ownly brings nothing but loniess, depression, money dont bring nothing. No money in the world can replace ur true happiness within; dont keep for what is not right for u. Cuz u will find ur self in a dark place where u dont want to be. So…. leave and enjoy motherhood with ur child and become happy as u were met to be…