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Everybody Breaks Up Around Christmas: Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds to Divorce

photo of ryan reynolds and scarlett johansson kissing on motorcycle divorce pictures

So I’d say on a scale from 1 being ‘not surprising at all,’ to 10 being ‘whoa, that fuckin’ came out of nowhere,’ this probably figures in around a 1 or even less.

Scarlett Johansson, one of my most favorite celebrity crushes of all time, has finally done what I wish she would have quite some time ago and cut the douche known as Ryan Reynolds free.  Sources say that the marriage just wasn’t working, and both had way different ideas as to where they wanted things to head.

I know that Reynolds was recently supposed to be ‘Sexiest Man in All Existence’ or whatever, but I don’t think he’s funny, I don’t think he’s attractive, and flatly, I think most of his movies – and character portrayals – suck.

That being said, this is why I’m not all that broken up about the news. Bottom line? Scarlett can do much better. Personally, I’d see her hook up with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, or Hugh Jackman – someone as elegant and talented and gorgeous as she is. Toothy Muscle-Milk McSquintface just wasn’t cutting it, and I’m glad girlfriend finally opened her eyes to it.  We all make mistakes sometimes, you know.  Now?  If she just gets rid of that dumb tattoo, too, we’d be in some real business.


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  • She sucks almost as much as her tattoo. I couldn’t care less about him or her, they’re total wastes of space, I am sure there are many actors and actresses as attractive as them who have much more talent.

  • Scarlett is a brittle-voiced, talentless pretty face: nothing more, nothing less. Ryan Reynolds shouldn’t have ever given her a second look. All she is is tits and lips…get over it, Sarah.

      • Why do people accuse women who dislike Scarlett Johansson of jealousy? I can’t stand her. Does that make me jealous of her? I can’t stand Rosie O’Donnell either. Am I jealous of her? How about Zach Braff? Am I jealous of him?

      • you dont KNOW the girl, so how can your dislike for a girl go so deep that you’d actually comment about how much you hate her on a gossip site that she’ll never even read? moreover, using “insults” like “all she has is tits and lips” is kind of stupid, because it only lends credence to the fact that you (or whoever else) is hating because of what they see. and that my friend is called jealousy.

      • dizzle’s got the right end of the stick, these women need to take some tylenol for their period pains…

  • Gotta say Ryan Reynolds could do better. He is an amazing actor.. whereas she’s just a pretty face. He comes across as a really nice, funny guy. Still, kinda sad to see them break up

  • sarah, climb out of scarlett’s ass hole any day now and you’d see she’s just a pretty face. And if she ever got to date Hugh Jackman I’d punch her in the tits, because at the end of the day she sucks at acting, sucks at singing, and basically just sucks at life because she just lost the sexiest man alive.

    • Ever see A Love Song For Bobby Long? I can’t rave about that movie enough. It’s, by far, my favorite movie of all time. Scarlett was in it, obviously, but really, if you haven’t seen it – I definitely recommend it.

  • I love them, this is sad, etc., but can we talk about the most horrible celebrity breakup, please? Dexter and his sister (Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter) are totally getting divorced. I had just gotten used to them being married, too! So sad.

  • Scarlett is very sexy and I KIND of like her singing but she’s a terrible actress. Like, one of the worst in Hollywood.

  • Only posers sit on their bikes when not riding them. And I saw a lot of that last summer in L.A. it’s gay gay gay gay gay! Get offa the bike, go inside.
    Plus, ohhhhh wow… he’s got Z-bars on his stock 2008 Triumph Bonneville! He’s a Cafe racer! H-h-h-h-nnnnnnnnnot!