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Scarlett Johansson Is Losing Weight…I Guess.


Scarlett Johansson has been all the talk this week since showing up at a “Tribute to Film” looking, reportedly, very thin.  According to Page Six, ScarJo was prating on about her super strict regimen in anticipation of the filming of Iron Man 2.

Now before we all start having kittens and spiral into two hundred comments about society’s issues with body weight, I never thought Scarlett Johansson was fat.  I didn’t think she was fat before and I don’t think she’s fat now.  But I can’t help but wonder if this story of Scarlett’s extreme thinness wasn’t sourced from her publicist.  Because I really can’t see any difference, whatsoever in her appearance.  Sure, maybe her boobs are a little smaller, and yes, I’ve included pics of the ScarJo of yesteryear so that you may compare.  You’re welcome.

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  • Am I first? Probably not. I never understood the whole excitement about being first, but there is a bit of an adrenaline rush. Anyway, she looks basically the same, maybe it’s the hair color and dress that are making her look thinner?

  • she looks fucking FANTASTIC.

    (that hippy tattoo on her arm though is another story *bleh*bleh*bleh* WTF scar baby?)

  • I adore Miss Jo. I think she is, by far, one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. She looks great no matter what she does.

    But I have to agree with the above comment… WTF is up with that faux-profession of love tattoo on her arm? It looks like crap. I’m not against tattoos, being that I have three of them. But I do think that hers is kind of tasteless: in placement, position and design.

    I still love her, though.

  • Omg she did not lose weight people!

    Try to wear a black dress with a huge black band in the middle. You will look like you lost 20 pounds too. Geeez.

  • Look at her legs, though. Her legs have never been that thin.

    I love her, and I don’t think she’s “scary skinny” by any stretch, I just liked having one major Hollywood star who you couldn’t call skinny, either. She’s gorgey either way, of course.

  • I typically find brunettes to be more attractive (not JUST because I am one), but she’s one person I don’t really like brunette. In some pics, yes, but overall I think she should have stayed blonde… Or, now that she’s tried it, she should go back.

    • I actually think she went RED! Which I like much better than when she was a dark brown. I thought that was too harsh for her. I totally I agree, as a brunette myself, I think she looks much better when she looks softer.

      • i don’t think her chest is that impressive, mine’s better. :D
        and judging from your picture, jenn, you’re a lot prettier than she is.

  • No opinion on weightloss – but Scarlett J. with the dark hair, with this look is a WAY BETTER choice for Judy Garland than Anny-horse-mouth-droopy eyes Hathaway.

    ScarJo for Judy Garland!!!

  • It’s just a very clever dress, and if her legs are thinner it’s probably because she’s had to become fitter for Iron Man 2, which is still healthy and she’ll probably ease off the regime after filming.
    All is good :)

  • I’ve seen prettier midgets…tat’s placed like that are usually covering their tracks, or a bulls eye, wink wink

  • i just don’t think she’s pretty at all. her face is just so…weird. i remember seeing those posters for the other boleyn girl and compared to natalie portman she looked kinda like she had an extra couple chromosomes or something.

  • am I the only one who kinda hopes she gets crazy skinny and loses her wonderful breasts? maybe. I am SO jealous of girls with great boobs. :(

    ugh and I hope she goes back to blonde, for her own good. I hate her with dark hair… so, no wait. stay dark and go size zero. yay! i win!!

  • Im a guy and the only reason SJ looks big in the chest at times is because of the pushup they dress her in..She is a 34c which is average and you girls know yourself that if you any extra fat on your chest near the boob area,you can push it up with certain bras and garb..Now thats she isn’t wearing that tight stuff,the media doesnt fuss over her chest anymore because its not there to fuss over..Big chested women are like Salma Hayek who is 37D and pamela anderson who is up there..Not SJ at 34c..Her published breast side is in her portfolio.

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