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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Engagement Photos Emerge

photo of kate middleton and prince william engagement pictures photographs

Know what I noticed?  People often become more attractive when they get engaged or married (at least at first with that whole marrying thing; things often go downhill shortly after that if you know what I mean), and that’s definitely the case here. Kate Middleton, who I forever thought was cute and pretty and perky-looking, always struck me as kind of ‘average’ in comparison to some of the women Prince William could probably get just because he’s a prince, is positively glowing with happiness and sophistication and womanliness. She, as far as I’m concerned, could give any one of the Victoria’s Secret models – AKA ‘The Most Beautiful Women in the World’ – a run for their money these days.
photo engagement prince william kate middleton pictures

Prince William? Still pretty much looks like a bird with a hair-lip. So yeah. I guess some things just don’t change with relationship status.  I know he’s the offspring of the lovely Princess Diana, but unfortunately, he just doesn’t look enough like her to be passable.  Regardless, they look happy together, so I’ll leave them alone.  For now.

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