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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Seen Holding Hands at IHOP

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are Dating

Justin Bieber says he’s single, but yesterday, he and Selena Gomez were all over each other at an International House of Pancakes in Philly before the Q102 Jingle Ball. The two were set to perform just hours after they were caught canoodling on the same side of a booth, holding hands and linking arms the whole time.

Damn. I like this development. Selena is a bit older than Bieber, but she’s always been considered one of the good girls in young Hollywood. Plus, she’s been known to sass him, which gives me hope that she’ll keep the little guy grounded.

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  • Despite my intense fondness for Selena Gomez and my shameful, if casual, desire to sleep with Justin Bieber (after he turns 18, I’m sure), this development is of only passing interest to me.

    Perhaps he’ll start to make good music, now? I mean, I *like* Selena’s “Round and Round” and “Year Without Rain,” but her song “Naturally” (not to mention the Ralphi Rosario Edit of it) is so amazing that I have listened to it at least twice almost every single day of the past ten months. I’m SO not kidding.

  • i’m 20 and there’s this 18 year old guy at my school who is majorly crushin on me. it’s adorable but i just can’t because 2 years is still kinda weird at this age.

    • I started dating my boyfriend when he was 18 and I had just turned 20. Two years on we’re still together and very much in love :)

  • I think romance is totally part of life.You won’t see me crying if everyone is paired up.My prince will come when is ready

  • you guys are such fucking lowlifes like seriously hopp offf cuz hes mine!! -__- okkk byyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sincerly, justin bieberss lovaa forevvaa;D

  • lias that head is photo shoped trust me i can tell i have photo shopped many legal things like my pictures

  • This can’t be true. I love Justin Bieber and I always will whether Selena Gomez likes him or not. I will always like him.

  • justin bieber y selena gomez seben super bonitos y
    yo le diria ha justin bieber q sele hisiera novia ha selena gomez
    esta tan bonita para el mas con el nuevo corte de cabello de justin bieber se berian bonita parega mas con justin bieber
    la berdad q o pinan muchachas he para mi asiern bonita parega he laneta y les digo toda la verdad he justin bieber y selena gomez seberiasn bonitos tu y justin bieber

  • Omg My name is nahli i would date justin bieber if i wereolder but hes 6years older than me but its still possible