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Kirsten Dunst is Not Dead, Has a New Movie Coming Out Soon

Kirsten Dunst gets a lot of flack – at least from what I’ve seen – but you know what? I like her. There’s just something raunchy-hippie-likable about her, and she looks like she eats Oodles of Noodles (or, you know, ‘Ramen Noodles,’ if you want to call ’em by their wrong name).  Anyone who eats those? Cool in my book.  I also think that she’s pretty talented as far as actresses go. I mean come on. Jumanji? Elizabethtown? Girl’s got some serious acting chops.

So for those of you who smugly thought that her career was over after the Spiderman movies, you thought wrong – Dunsty has a new movie coming out called All the Good Things, and it looks … pretty great, actually.

It’s got murder, social hierarchy, Mercedes(es … Mercedii?), effed up families that make their kids do effed up things, and above all, RYAN GOSLING.

I hadn’t heard about it ’til now – a bit behind the game on this one, as it premiered last night – but it sounds intriguing, and ’cause I love Kirsten Dunst, going to the movies, and Ryan Gosling, I think I’m going to have to make a date to check it out.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Will you see it?

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  • There are some actresses who always have a place in my heart. Even if they haven’t done much. Or the majority of their work has been shite.
    Maybe it’s because I met her briefly on the set of Jumanji. Maybe it’s because I still love Bring it On… I don’t know… but I bought a lot of her crap movies.
    I’m glad she’s in something that looks decent and I hope she keeps working.

  • Loved her since Interview with the Vampire when she was a wee little scene-stealer. I’m looking for to get into some meatier roles but I think she may be getting typecast a bit.