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Dr. Drew’s Rehab Didn’t Work For Chyna, Obviously

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, a former WWE wrestler who we last saw on Celebrity Rehab, has found herself in the hospital once again for substance-related issues.

Although it was initially reported that Chyna was being treated for alcohol poisoning, TMZ is now saying that Joanie OD’d on Benadryl. Supposedly she takes the allergy medication as a sleep aid from time to time (as do I. That stuff makes me pass out and it’s non habit forming like Tylenol PM, which is the devil’s medicine), but “accidentally” took 4-5 times the recommended dosage. I take two pills because my tolerance for OTC drugs is very high. I would assume Joanie’s recommended dosage is about the same. If ya use your math skillz, that means homegirl took like, 10 Benadryls. So obviously she was puking her brains out.

It’s gotta suck to be one of the forgotten addicts from Celebrity Rehab, you know? The last thing most of the people on that show will ever be known for is being junkies and the only time we’ll ever hear about them after that is when they’ve screwed up again.

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