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The “10 Best Dressed Women of 2010”? You Be the Judge.

So People magazine, a normally unbiased and objective magazine, recently put out their “Best and Worst Dressed Edition,” an edition that I completely agree with normally. However, this year, their Top Ten “Best Dressed” is hardly that. In fact, some of the women that placed were so far from even being on a semi-properly-dressed list. But hey. This is why I don’t work for People. Without further ado, the list, in no particular order other than the one I want to use in an effort to mock these fashionistas:

#10:  Zoe Saldana
Yep, best dressed indeed.  Does anyone remember this outfit?  I think it was accidentally meant for Tommy Hilfiger, who Saldana was posing with.

photo of zoe saldana people magazines best dressed list pictures

#9: Gwen Stefani
Um, maybe back in 1999, but not today, People. Is this, perhaps, the outfit that you were referring to when you made your choice to put lady Gwen on your list? She looks like a damned teabag.
photo of gwen stefani on people magazines best worst dressed list pictures

#8 Rihanna
Oh hell no. This is nipple flash shoulder pad woman. She cannot be on this list. Even Gwen Stefani’s teabagger ensemble was better than anything this singer’s worn. Prime example?
photo of rihanna looking like t-boz of tlc
One word: Crazysexycool. (Yeah, that’s a T-Boz reference, in case you didn’t grow up in the eighties and nineties.)

#7: Diane Kruger
OK, this one isn’t so bad, I guess. She did wear this, which was a huge hit in my book, and I tried my best to replicate the outfit as best I could, so I guess that says something. At least something I won’t regret, like trying to copy the aforementioned T-Boz’s hairstyle in 7th grade.
photo of diane kruger best dressed pictures

#6: Lea Michele
Yep, ’cause I just loved that blade-of-grass ensemble she had going on when I ripped her for losing so much weight needlessly. I think this says it all.
photo of lea michele best and worst dressed pictures

#5: Olivia Palermo
Best known for her stint on The City, and just being a socialite (ha, I originally typed ‘socialist’) in general, she’s gorgeous. And she’s probably got a fair amount of money to spend on fashion and, ahem, personal shoppers.
photo of olivia palermo from the city pictures people best and worst dressed

#4: Jessica Alba
One positive thing that I can say about Jessica Alba is that her outfits are always marginally better than her pissed off-looking facial expressions. And that’s all.
photo of jessica alba best and worst dressed pictures

#3: Rachel Bilson
I like this girl a little bit. Because she supposedly broke it off with Hayden Christiansen. And everyone knows he was a crap-ass Anakin Skywalker. But her outfits? Alright … they’re better than most on this list. OK? Are you satisfied now?
photo of rachel bilson best and worst dressed pictures

#2: Kate Middleton:
Someone with some fashion sense. Finally. I mean, it’s not the best or anything (and in case you’re wondering who I think is an impressive old fashion plate, I particularly like Zooey Deschanel’s looks) but she’s almost top of the list. Fun fact? Kate actually made Vanity Fair‘s Best Dressed list in 2008. She’s smart-looking, well put together and looks clean. That’s a big one in my book.
photo of best dressed kate middleton pictures

#1: Jennifer Aniston
In my opinion, Jen tops the list. I know you’re probably aware that she’s my least-favorite female celebrity probably of all time, but I have to admit that she’s definitely the best dressed out of this misfitted (no pun intended) group. To give her further credit? She’s pretty well-dressed all around, as it were.
photo of jennifer aniston fashion best dressed pictures

Your thoughts? Anyone on here that totally shouldn’t be? Anyone missed? Who do you look up to for fashion advice, if you look to the stars?

Granted, they’re all beautiful women, and supremely talented in their own right, but best dressed? Out of all of the female celebrities in the world? I think People made a stellar mistake this time around.

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