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Glee‘s Lea Michele Loses a Ton of Weight, Also Loses All of Her Appeal

And yet another perfect example of people not being able to leave well enough alone. Lea Michele, who I thought to be a breath of fresh air — physically, and because she is was built like a normal human being that liked to eat cheeseburgers and gravy fries and kick back a milkshake once in awhile — has gone the “Hollywood Route,” and has lost about two-thirds of her body weight in what’s obviously an effort to blend in with the rest of the twigs that have better jobs that she does.

Michele was photographed at the recent Teen Choice Awards and after much searching, I finally found out where. See that tiny green blades-of-grass dress? She’s in that. I know, I know, her limbs and emaciated face almost blend in with the background, and especially when she turns to the side, but keep your eyes on the green dress, I promise, guys — she’s there.

Sorry, Lea. You don’t look great, or “coltish,” or fierce. You just look like another stupid girl who’s gone to extremes in order to fit into an exclusive club.

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    • When these chicks drop weight, it makes their nose and feet look bigger. Tits and ass fall off.

      Sarah, nails it again.

    • All I can say is good for her. She looks great and loosing weight is a symptom of being active and eating healthy. She eats right, is very active in her role, and the weight just falls off. I don’t understand what is wrong with that? I don’t understand whats wrong with being healthy?

  • Can I say, I love her hair? And the pose and the shoes help her look skinny. And she was probably just a bit biger in the other, because the dress isn’t as flattering.

  • Definitely she looked better before… right now she’s at the edge of what’s desirable… she’d better not lose one more pound… or will slip out of that dress…

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  • Lost all her appeal? You’re no better than the people who say that a woman has lost all her appeal if she gains a few pounds. I like her no matter what she weighs.

  • This whole “skinny people are ugly” thing has got to stop, it’s a really disconcerting trend on this site. Your notion that you have to be gobbling down cheeseburgers and milkshakes to be “normal” is completely ignorant, and is the reason that such a large portion of our population is morbidly obese. Being fat is not okay, and I’m talking about in a strictly health-related sense. Kudos to her for getting in shape, and shame on you for throwing around reactionary adjectives like “emaciated” and “stupid”… I think she looks fine.

  • She literally looks the same to me as she does in the photo you linked. But congratulations on increasing page views, I guess.

  • She looks almost exactly the same. Jeez. Also, can we note the difference between your other article (“Love, love Lea… She’s a total hit in every way” etc) and this one (“You just look like another stupid girl who’s gone to extremes”)? And that the only difference between the two posts isn’t anything to do with her personality but with her weight? Skinny hating isn’t any better than fat hating…

  • I see the difference, and though I wouldn’t have said that she needed to lose weight before, I think that she looks really good in this picture. She looked really good before, too. It’s just slightly different.

    Sarah, I like you, but I disagree with you here. Criticizing her for losing weight is just as shallow as criticizing her for gaining weight (but it makes less sense). She looks really pretty, and unless she starts fainting on sidewalks, we should leave her alone.

  • I think she looks pretty spectacular. In fact, she looks better than in the other photo. I think it’s the tan and loose hair. :D

    • What a stupid thing to say. This chick obviously has lost a significant amount of weight and is now dangerously thin. Deal with it moron.

  • I just think she looks more muscular, not skinnier. More toned.

    The pose and the shape of the dress make a large difference in making her /appear/ skinnier.

  • she looks great, but she looked great before. i prefer the before, but she in no way looks like she is emaciated. sarah is constantly ragging on other women’s weight – they are either too fat or too skinny. i think it has to do with her own body issues – or trying harder to please an audience than be true to what she really feels.

  • Sarah your the one who in a post earlier back that her her dress was too tight around the waist. You can see her pouch a little bit. Maybe shit like that is what makes girls like her who are absolutely beautiful starve themselves to satisfy you. So lay off and stop talking shit on girls who are totally healthy.

  • my god sarah..
    one day you’re making fun of celebrities for being “fat” the next day for being skinny, where do you stand then? as soon as a woman has a hint of chubs you post the pictures and bash her, and now this? how can anyone respect you even as a gossip blogger when you’re such a hypocrite?
    i mean, for the millionth time, you’re a writer on zelda lilly, how could you still be so obsessed with bashing other women?

    • this is exactly why i don’t like sarah’s writing. she has no voice, no conviction. her posts contradict each other and she is often hypocritical – check out the post she wrote on shiloh, for example. she bashes a photog for posting the kid’s pics in a magazine, but then she links everyone directly to the pics from her post! i feel like sarah is just trying to please the readers – saying what she thinks people want to hear, but then failing miserably at it because everyone sees right through it. it’s like she’s on the view – yelling nonsensical bs about some hot topic she knows nothing about, then turning to the audience for approval and applause…and getting booed instead.

  • I love Lea, but I agree she has lost weight. I’m holding out judgement until I see more pics of her, but I *think* I liked the way she looked before better also. We’ll just have to wait and see…more pics that is.

  • I must be the only one who finds her annoying. Something about her just makes me want to slap her chubby (yes, she is a.. BUILT girl) face, and see that smirk disappear.

  • How about its none of your business? Or the fact that you only add to the horrible cycle that drives young women to insanity over their figures

    She looks just fine to me

  • Please she lost a few pounds but still look fine. Also she never had much of a chest and looking at other pictures her butt is still there.

    And excuse me but you know her? So you know that she lost weight for any other reason except for her began diet and exercise. Don’t be petty and speculate on things you no nothing about.

    so sad how as a woman the moment she loses weight you you attack. If she had packed on a pound or two I bet you would be front and center pointing that out too. You a sad humane being.

  • She looks almost exactly the same to me. Better in the old picture but it looks more polished like her skin looks smoother there. Nothing to do with her weight. Also the dress she’s wearing here is hideous. She looks like she’s lost 5kg tops, hardly “a ton of weight”. I find her unattractive in all 3 photos but I’d never think of her as too skinny.

  • I’ve seen one episode of her crappy show glee. Its so stupid. I don’t know why this bitch is even relevant. There are much more talented people out there. And she just proved to be a fake and insecure as well.

  • basically i think its her hair that looks different and the dress makes her look skinnier. the arms and legs remain the sam. maybe she is just fitter. she still looks good.

    • she’s interesting, Hot and attractive enough to be on a million of people’s hot list. You’re a bitch, you wouldn’t know.

  • She’s a vegan to begin with, and considering the season’s just started filming she has a LOT of dance rehearsal. Not to mention probably added stress due to all the awards shows, including the Emmys, coming up. Give her a break, I’m sure she’s fine. She looks okay to me….you would know if there was something serious like an eating disorder going on.

    And for all of you complaining about how you think Glee sucks, you don’t need to bitch and moan here. The topic is an actress who’s in Glee, not a book-club analyzation of the show and characters.

  • i agree that she has got skinnier,it does show on her legs. but i still think she looks really pretty. to be honest, iv got freinds who are as skinny as that and theyre healthy. although i agree it doesnt look like it would be her natural bodyweight, i think before she wasnt very toned, and here she looks really healthy.its kinda wrong to say when people look a tad chubbier, and then critisize wen they get healthier, as obviously wen u adopt a new diet your going to lose weight till you find the right balance .

    i think her hair looks really nice in this pic as well :)

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  • Only a person who considers “gravy fries” everyday fare would find this chick to be anywhere near underweight. And Sarah is in no position to talk smack about anyone else’s appearance, seeing as how she looks like the bastard love child of a Keebler elf and a Final Fantasy character that got into Kate Gosselin’s wig stash.

  • What I’d like to know is how I got to this petty-ass site in the first place. I am usually appalled by the viciousness of the comments but in this case it’s the blogger. I had to double check to make sure I hadn’t somehow tripped and ran into Perez Hilton’s dumb ass. This post is mean, petty and totally unnecessary. The first time I read Sarah’s writing will be the last.

    • wow, you people are seriously over reacting, she looks like she has a normal body weight! I am 5′ 3” and I weigh 85 pounds. I love junk food, healthy food and i eat a mix of everything! i eat all the time and i have never dieted or starved myself. Being skinny does not make you unattractive or scray, what matters is the fact that you are confident with your body and that you are able to embrace your shape just the way it is!

  • I love you Lea! Don’t eat nuthin, girl! Just sing and do yo’ thing! When’s that Dorothy of Oz movie coming out anyway?

  • Don’t be so mean! All this negativity is suffocating me! I think Lea look good here. Maybe she lost a pound or two but shes definitly still visible.

  • May I just say that if she weren’t a “star” no one would judge her based on a year’s worth of weight loss? She has the right to do whatever she wants to her body. It is no one’s place to judge.

  • I do think she looks skinnier, but she’s beautiful either way. I love Lea and she’s my role model, conidering I have a Jewish nose like her and im not even Jewish. I just hope she doesn’t lose who she is and not let being a star get to her head. I love her on glee and can’t wait for the newest episode on season 3

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