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This is Not the Way to Win a Mayoral Race

photo of levi johnston signing autographs

It looks like old buddy old pal Levi Johnston (the Levi Johnston who’s running for mayor of Wasilla, AK) might have a problem winning that whole pesky “popular vote” thing when it comes to his possible run for Wasilla mayor. And why? Probably because the entire state hates him, and that might not even be counting the citizens of Wasilla, who’s opinion kinda matters.

A poll was taken by Public Policy Polling and it shows that Johnston is the Most Unpopular Person in “politics” according to the people of Alaska. Who was the previous winner? None other than the philandering politician, John Edwards. That takes some seriously steel gonads to steal such a title from such a revered man, so little Levi must be taking this one to heart and running with it. Or from it, if he was actually somewhat smart, but I don’t think he’d understand that kind of credibility anyway — so I’m not gonna open that can of worms.

The good news? 6% of Alaskans view Johnston in a favorable light. So, for Levi’s sake, let’s hope that 6% is the entire population of Wasilla. I mean, stranger things have happened, right?