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Do You Guys Remember Antonella Barba?

She was the horsey-looking make-you-think-of-blowjobs chick from Jersey that made it far … ish on American Idol a few years back, and endured some kind of weird sex photography scandal? Yeah, that Antonella Barba.

I know you’re just totally wondering what she’s been up to over the past few years, and you’re probably just dying in anticipation, wondering what surprises are in store for you in this post. I won’t hold back on you any longer — I came across the “official video” of Antonella’s latest “hit” song, “Jersey Girl.” And boy, oh boy, is it … fucking awful. I’m not even going to try and be all creative with my wording or provide you will ill-concealed snark; it’s just fucking awful. From the cheesy filming to the song itself, to the — !! — singing and even beyond the dancing. It’s terrible. So, Happy Monday.

And I dare you not to get this song stuck in your head for the rest of it.

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  • It is things like this that remind me to be so, so glad that I have never, ever seen American Idol. Not a single episode, ever.

    Also, her mouth does make me think, very much against my will, of fellatio. It makes me all kinds of uncomfortable. I’m sure that the straight guys appreciate it, though.

  • i managed to make it thru 25 seconds of that crap before i had to stop it. Excuse me while i go scrub my brain clean with some real, quality, talented music….

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  • Who are all those twats on the video, right around the 2:00 mark? Feel bad about the poor girl though, still trying to make it with a rather bad song that is like a dodgy answer to California Gurls, and a very, very awkward to watch video – fucking bad. Not to mention it looks like she’s trying to jump in the Jersey Shore hype bandwagon. Sad, sad, sad.

  • I was just at Jenkinson’s last weekend, ffs. Why does she name drop the most random places?! I left Jersey when I was 16. You forget why people laugh at you when you say you’re from Jersey, and then shit like Snooki and/or this video pop up to remind you.

  • okay…imma get some shit for this, but, i thought the song was kind of sweet in a very amateurish way. the video was simply awful though.

    good for her to climb on any bandwagon she can to make a little money so that she doesn’t have to wait tables.

    • I have no idea, but I absolutely died at this when I first saw it around 2 AM on Sunday morning. I couldn’t sleep for hours afterwards.

  • Wow that was the worst!! Congrats on the worst video of all time. Even worse than PRINCE!!…and that’s bad….you’ve stooped to a new low. Terrible!! ;(

  • LOL @ the youtube comments. People from New Jersey are actually content with the song! Poor people. And who shot that video, her friend with a Flip camera?

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