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A Tila Tequila Update

So a lot of you guys are questioning the legitimacy of Tila Tequila’s harrowing tale of violent Juggalos.  That’s cool, that’s fine, I totally understand.  But here are some more developments.

– TMZ has a short video of Tila on stage.  It isn’t long at all, but you can see some guy trying to climb on the stage, and you can see the audience begin to throw things at her.  You can also see that this chaos began when she took her shirt off.

– According to the San Francisco Chronicle, plans were made to attack Tila before the concert even took place.  Their article includes Twitter updates from a guy at the concert, along with a link to Tila Tequila’s blog, and if you go through those comments you can see numerous threats, along with numerous pleas for Tila to just stay home.

– The county sheriff is on Tila’s side.  He told TMZ that “things got out of hand” and that the concert was a “nightmare.”  He knows because he was already on the scene when the Tila Tequila affair went down, taking care of some guy who got stabbed.

She’s already out and about and covering her face with stupid sunglasses and bandaids.

Tila Tequila is definitely exaggerating (surprise!), but there’s some truth to her original story.  It’s clear that the Juggalos didn’t want her there, and understandably so; I would be pissed if she showed up anywhere I paid to be.  It’s also clear that there were already some bad vibes, what with that guy getting stabbed and everything.  I don’t know, but whatever happened, I’m going to do the unthinkable and keep my eye on Tila Tequila for the next few days.  It should be a fun ride.

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  • I’m pulling for Molls, a confirmed neo-Jug, and the Jugos here. Too bad they didn’t Hells Angel her.

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  • As much as she sucks (a-o!) she doesn’t deserve getting shit thrown at her (literally). That being said, obviously most of us were skeptical and if she read any feedback, anywhere, of people not believing her, perhaps it can be a lesson to calm down on the lying and publicity stunts so when the shit gets thrown, people do believe her.
    Never cry baby. Or abuse.

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  • this is a really horrible picture at the top of your site. post some new stories so i dont load n run.

  • It’s like the boy who cried wolf….she’s been playing games for publicity for so long that nobody listened when something actually happened to her. She’s a no talent slug and she belongs working at a massage parlor in San Francisco or something. These fame whores ask for a lot of what they get. Take the hint, woman, and take a class at your local community college and get a real job…one where they don’t throw feces at you would be a start. Dumb delusional bitch.

  • I seen a video on tmz where she was on stage, and she actually seems to be provoking those people.. First of all, why would she go to an event like that? Did she think they would like her? I mean, come on!… And then, if they’re throwing stuff at you, and trying to get you to stop “singing” wouldn’t you leave? i know i would.. But then she keeps singing and telling them to shut the fuck up, that she dont give a fuck they dont want her there, that she ain’t going nowhere, and calling them bitches… That, to me, is provoking them. So if she got hurt, i think it’s her own fault. Get out of the kitchen if you dont wanna get burnt, simple as that.