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Guess Who’s Engaged? (Spoiler: It’s Supposedly Jessica Simpson)

Star claims to have the inside scoop on Jess’s love life and also says that she’s over the moon over her latest boyfriend, the sometimes-football playing Eric Johnson, so much that she bought her own engagement ring and claims that she’ll “take care” of Johnson if that’s what it comes down to.

Uh, girl? Why don’t you go and talk to Britney about this one? She had a pretty similar situation, where she started dated this douchey-sounding guy (lookin’ at you, K-Fug) and bought her own engagement ring ’cause the guy hadn’t really worked for awhile, and a few years later, two kids, a divorce, several mental breakdowns and lots of cheap nylon wigs later, Britney’s, uh, “back.” “Bitches.”

Truth? Lie? Somewhere in between? You decide.

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