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Alexis Neiers Lets Me Down

I was so excited about this girl being in the cell next to Lindsay’s and the BFF adventures they would inevitably have, the relationship that would grow out of their common bond of being questionably entitled fashionistas in ugly jumpsuits.  But I guess that just wasn’t meant to be.

Here’s what Alexis said when asked if Lindsay was crying:

“I could start hearing like what was going on in there, I tried to just, really just keep to myself and the last thing I really want to hear, you know, when you’re trying to be so strong and just get through the day.”

First of all, use your words, Alexis Neiers.  If you can’t communicate better than that, you’re going to have a tough time parlaying your thievery into more undeserved fame. Secondly, way to make a stupid choice.  When ol’ Fire Crotch herself is crying within hearing distance of you and when you are so clearly a fame whore, you grab onto that opportunity with all that you’ve got.  I’m disappointed, Alexis, I really am.

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