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Brad and Angelina Spice Up the Salt Premiere

Hey you guys I bet I’m the only blogger on the planet who thought of that headline. Get it??? Because “salt” is kind of a “spice”? (Is salt actually a spice?)

Chicken Legs Jolie and someone who may or may not have been Brad Pitt (we cannot know for sure because he never takes off his damn sunglasses), hit up the big premiere of Salt, the summer blockbuster wherein Angelina Jolie continues to redefine the role of women in action flicks.

I guess all is well with Angie and her father again, because Jon Voight was present and accounted for, along with Angelina’s brother and pre-Brad make-out partner James Haven.

Angie stopped to take photos with fans (really, really cute — because the fans couldn’t cross the rope, Angie took their cameras and held them up to take the photos herself, the way you do with all your girlfriends in a bar when you don’t trust any of the nearby douchebags to touch your camera), chatted with costar Liev Schreiber, and greeted Naomi Watts with a big hug. Kristin Cavallari was inexplicably there (good publicist, I suppose), but luckily Angelina Jolie didn’t take a photo with her (the world would explode).

All things considered, Angelina looks great here. She rarely does these red carpets anymore, but she looks the happiest I’ve seen her look in a long time. She’s still incomparably beautiful, but it’s been gradually turning into a more mature sort of beauty and less of a gasp! sexpot! kind of beauty. I like that for her. I do wish she’d eat a little more, but, all in all, I really enjoyed going through this set of pics. It’s always nice to see Angelina doing her thing.

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  • i agree with you about her beauty. she’s got a mature kind of elegance about her now. i also wish she’d put on just a few lbs. she’d look healthier and younger if she were filled out a bit more – but she is simply stunning. i still look at her and think “home wrecker”, though.

  • She’s very pretty, but I really don’t think she should be wearing dresses that short…

  • Angelina Jolie is a magnificent beauty. She alone is a spice, and yes, Salt is a spice. Angie works so very hard at being a wife, mother, ambasador to HALF THE WORLD! She doesn’t care about looks. She has far greater issues to think of than that. I doubt the refugees she has saved care if she’s a few pounds under weight. If she were a few pounds OVER weight, people would focus on that, so why should she care. It’s all so childish when we have far greater problems on our hands today. She looks wonderful, she’s just as beautiful on the inside, and when she makes a movie that entertains us, simply clap your hands or back away quietly. If we could just look for the good in people we might get along better. Just a thought. Sincerely Stone Wolf.

  • She’s a beauty, and impossible to dislike. But I really want to make her a hamburger.

    I’m interested to see Salt when it comes out in Australia. She seems to be making the same action film over and over. (‘Wanted’, anyone?) I’m wondering what her… motivation is, I suppose. Whenever I see one of those things I come home and want to kick and punch and climb the curtains and fuck and join the UN peace corps.

  • She is a hypocrite. All she cares about is looks an her “public figure” otherwise all these wellfare celebrities would have given up more, how many mansions did she have again, ten… or more?

  • did anybody look at her knees im just saying she is way too skinny brad is yummy as always mmmmmmmmmmmmm brad

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  • I think she’s a mediocre actress and she’s borderline anorexic. I don’t doubt she’s a good person, but I don’t think she brings a lot to the entertainment industry and I think she has a major eating disorder which needs to be addressed so that she can be a good role model to her children.