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Lindsay’s Twitter Says It All

So, yep. Lindsay goes to jail today. Or is it Mr. Deeds Goes to Town? Ernest Goes to Camp? None of them are even as remotely as amusing or compelling as the flight to save Lindsay Lohan from her worst enemy — herself.

Old Linds took to her Twitter late last night to send a last-ditch appeal to her fans (not that, you know, her fans have anything to do with keeping her out of jail, but I’ll give her an E for Effort on this one) using the old Disney ploy.

Oh, Lindsay. Good luck today, dude. I know that no filming is gonna be allowed after the Sheriffs officially shackle your ass, but I’m hoping that there’s going to be some crazy pap out there with a grainy-assed camera phone that captures the best of your Botox-limited facial expressions on tape — the angst and the lip-pursing alike.