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I Cannot Describe How Much I Want This

The New York Post posted an interesting article this morning about what Broadway has dubbed “the Denzel effect.”  This effect, named after Denzel Washington for his recent role in August Wilson’s Fences on Broadway, describes the growing number of film actors making a move to theatre.  Actors who are currently making this move include Halle Berry, who will co-star with Samuel L. Jackson in an upcoming drama called The Mountaintop, and James Earl Jones is returning to Broadway to star with Vanessa Redgrave in Driving Miss Daisy (which also sounds pretty spectacular), but there’s one rumored casting choice that intrigues me more than the others.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been offered roles in an upcoming revival of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire.  If they accept, Will would play Stanley while Jada would play Stella.  And that is just too much awesome.

I absolutely love Will Smith.  I think he’s a magnificent actor; Stanley doesn’t seem like an easy role to play, but I have little doubt that he could do it beautifully.  All acting ability aside though, how crazy would it be to see the Fresh Prince do the famous “STELLA!” bit?

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  • Damn girl! This is soo not the site for you…please move along….serioulsy! I think you need 2 look at maybe a church blog. No offensive…but are you a mormon?

  • Will Smith a “magnificent actor”. Seriously? I can’t think of one film where he wasn’t acting exactly the same as in every other film but speaking different words TBH… granted I haven’t seen every film he’s been in.

    For sure the guy has great presence and projects ample charisma which makes him very likeable, he projects that “Black” vibe of positivity and warmth very well and I suppose he’s very good-looking to some women certainly – which makes him an easy choice for producers in that he’s not at all risky to cast in most roles, he has the “it” factor if you will.

    But great actor he is not – seriously.

    I don’t get how you can think this. White guilt?

  • Will Smith is a fucking scientologist prick fame whore. Wasn’t he the highest paid actor in the business a year or two ago? For what?
    I don’t understand while you’re all hatin on Molls when there is trash like this here.