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“Oh my God, poor girl. She’s Britney Spears all over again. It’s happening right before our eyes.” When her friend asked if she meant Lindsay Lohan, she answered, “No, she’s definitely headed the Britney route. It’s worse. Look at those outfits. It’s bad.”

Katy Perry blasts Miley Cyrus in an interview with Life & Style magazine. And though I’m not a huge, huge Miley fan, I’m even less a fan of Katy Perry’s (music), so I’m going to go ahead and say “Fuck you, Katy Perry, Miley’s going to go the Lindsay route, and don’t make me wrestle you over the shit, you fucking strong elephant of a woman, you.”

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  • I don’t care what you say…Katy Perry is a HOOT! I can’t say i’m a fan of hers musically but I fell in love with her when she was judging on American Idol and after Kara went on and on over a contestant about dreams and inspiration and the struggle he’s been through, Katy turned to her and said, “honey this is not a lifetime movie”. love Love LOVE

  • coming from her it’s a bit of calling the kettle black but props for telling it like it is instead of pretending to be best friends with everyone in the girl pop genre. Not a fan of katy overall (definitely NOT a fan of her music) but she does say some gems.

  • Sarah – ignore the haters. This was the best story I have read on this site in quite some time. I 100% agree with everything you said :)

  • Katy Perry is such a talentless slut. I mean, so is Miley Cyrus, but whatever. Perry needs to shut the fuck up. Have you ever heard her sing live? It’s fucking awful.

  • Not a Katy Perry fan. She’s too bimboesque. Never liked Miley but I’m far from being a teen. I do like the style that Miley is trying on even if it seems that it’s too mature for her. It’s got some cool rocker in it. We’ll see. Miley just may have potential she’s only 17.

  • Man, when will Perry go away??? I can’t stand her whole ‘I’m just so wacky and out there..oooh look, boobs!’ thing. Urgh.

    • Ahahahaha! “I’m just so wacky and out there….oooh look boobs!” You called it perfectly!

  • Miley actually has functional parents who, in her father’s case, had great fame before his child came along. So unlike Britney’s case, he’s not exploiting her talent to make money off of.

    So Miley may actually make it into a sane adulthood, Katy Perry’s silly remarks aside.

    And Katie’s a hoot – I just hope she keeps shooting her mouth off about Russell Brand – what a delightfully whacky couple they are, to be sure.

  • Miley actually has functional parents who, in her father’s case, had great fame before his child came along. So unlike Britney’s case, he’s not exploiting her talent to make money off of.

    So Miley may actually make it into a sane adulthood, Katy Perry’s silly remarks aside.

    And Katie’s a hoot – I just hope she keeps shooting her mouth off about Russell Brand – what a delightfully wacky couple they are, to be sure.

  • I like Katy. Her music is fun and she’s HOT. But I’m not liking this judgmental thing she seems to be swerving into lately.
    I like a couple of Miley’s songs. I’m not so into her, but I’m not her demographic. I’m many years too old to be a great Miley fan. But I do think everyone is much too hard on Miley, though. I mean, the girl is what, 17 years old? Who has good judgment about anything at that age? And Miley has many more opportunities to mess up and to mess up much more publicly than almost anyone.
    So back off Miley, Katy. You’re supposedly older and more mature than Miley. Act like it.

  • Miley is trying wayyy to hard but I think she is too smart to go down the whole ‘drug’ road. She just doesn’t seem like that kind of girl. And Katy need’s to shut up already. She is attacking Miley and Gaga. All three of them are outlandish and annoying but Katy cant call them out when she is one of them. “Oh yes, let my grease up my tits and have white cream shooting out of my tits… but damn miley cyrus for being sexual, and gaga for being religionie….” STFU Katy, pwease?

  • i dont care what anyone has to say bout miley she is the best girl alive. i understant that she is involed in kids shows but i think britteny and all those other nasty ass bitches shouldnt even been stars or at least not now. now all you guys have to do is gossip about miley, why? i knw you have watched her shows and at least have or had 1 poster of her so i think that you should bring the person or persons that are taping miley at such a young age doing that kind of stuff thats her bizz. not mine or yours or anyone else… i love you miley no matter what anyone says ill be your fan for good

  • Affairs of the heart-not worth the tearing apart

    Divorce is a hard and difficult road, without exception! Maintaining an environment of compromise, vigilance, and cooperation between spouses in the average home is a challenge; in a home where there are multiple professions, the hectic demands can purge the very sanity out of the entire family unit… never the less that environment is essential to the sanctity of the marriage! This challenge all too often leads to a flurry of accusations regarding who is to blame for each other’s occurrences of stressful events. When all coalesces on the shoulders of parents, and it does just that, husband and wife wind up pitted against one another and the words that are spoken become impendent! In the clamor, all that seems to be distinguishable is insinuation and derision. Lost are the soft and kind words; because when they are offered, they’re interpreted as mere propitiation… void of any sincerity.

    Society disregards the seriousness of divorce, not because of a lack in our ability to comprehend its negative impact, but because we have become so immune we decidedly choose to neglect looking at it squarely… little desire to fully explore the depths of the downside. Unfortunately that immunity, that neglect has permeated the conscious of all of us! Having said that, I want to state that I completely and emphatically view your divorce (Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus) as one of the saddest tragedies of dissolved trusts. I know that it is becoming a popular viewpoint within the ranks of today’s psychologists and therapists, to state that our offspring are not sufficient reason to retain marriage. There is substantial evidence that points to the contrary. Early studies of adolescents from broken homes conducted in the late 70’s and 80’s had concluded that intervention and counseling appeared to be promising; now that these same children have grown into adults, many experts are recognizing that the data they are seeing, on the long term effects, is revealing far reaching consequences on self esteem and the ability to cope with basic issues that are common place in all relationships. Still, in those regards the powers to be who are most vocal and publicized successfully promulgate their positive spin on facts.

    A husband, a wife must do some deep soul searching, honestly assess what they are trying to change and promote in their newly sought after course of individuality… is the spouse truly the entity that is going to disrupt your goals and happiness?! Your children are paramount, make no mistake about that; think what securities and self-assurances you are willing to sacrifice in their lives, to accomplish your independence! Really, write them down on paper and review them with complete observance as to their possibility and probability… they will exist and present themselves in your children’s relationships in a variety of predictable and unpredictable forms!

    You daughter Miley (Destiny) is particularly vulnerable. Ruminate on this! The world, her world, the society that follows and embellishes her every move and remark, is fickle!!! The industry, the moguls… ravishingly indulge their own self interests! Today there is abundant pressure to alter, pervert, and demoralize the innocence of uprising artists. It appears that there is an immediate ability for producers and agents to substantially profit from catapulting a young starlet from her purity of youth, to a provocative adult behavior; their instincts drive them to strike while they see the iron as hot! Then when their precious commodity succumbs to the suggestions as pressured and advised, they are publicly ridiculed and scorned for their behavior! Miley has a recognized talent to be sure, but she also seems to possess a great deal of heart that is intentionally underplayed… you should to ask yourself why that is! One could suspect it is an attribute that the moguls and media are not interested in promoting.

    I’d say (Billy and Tish) you are necessary as a fortified unit, mom and dad, husband and wife, to protect her future state. I’d say she has the potential to be the type of actress and celebrity that was seen in the glory and elegant days of Hollywood; she needs guidance to prevent the vultures from leading her in their own misguided ways! If you rise and conquer this episode, you will exemplify the winning ingredients of overcoming obstacles to your children… a gift that will benefit them for a lifetime!

    It might seem astonishing that I would address this with you. Please realize it is time consuming to me, but in my quiet prayer time I occasionally find my heart is stirred to reach out; when that stirring brings words and sentiments to mind, I believe there must be a leading and a purpose for that!

    I offer this with the utmost sincerity from my heart and soul.

    William Ciaccio