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So It Looks Like Vienna May Have Been Cheating on Jake, You Guys

I mean, for any of you that actually care, that is. I never got into Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, but I did happen to watch Vienna melt down during an interview in Beet’s post earlier this week, and to me, it became newsworthy.

TMZ got a hold of some pretty incriminating emails that were said to float between Vienna and her ex-boyfriend, Lee Smith, which were dated up to the day that Vienna and Jake broke up. In the emails, sex and relationship reparations are discussed, as well as plans for the future:

– (Lee to Vienna) “I’m here again feeling a oh so fimilar [sic] feeling … I think it is a mixture of antisapation [sic] or mabey [sic] it’s me just missin you either way…”

– (Vienna to Lee) “You are my life. I love you so much and can’t wait to be in your arms again.”

– (Lee to Vienna) “u are all I want!!!! I want to sex u up so bad baby!”

– (Lee to Vienna) “Don’t u miss touching all the time are [sic] long baths …”

– (Vienna to Lee) “I do miss all that. I love you so much bubbie. I want our life back.”

“I want to sex u up so bad baby.”  Yeah. This chick totally seems like the type to prefer a hard-headed, can’t-spell-for-shit caveman over someone who presents themselves like Jake Pavelka.  Jaysus.

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  • Jake is most definitely after fame at this point, he seems very disingenuous, and I would agree that he seems to want a pretty girl who will sit there and shut up. At the same time, Vienna was continuously interrupting him, but you could tell that she was hurt, and obviously when they’ve fought in the past, he was the type of person who would just shut off, or walk away. He doesn’t seem to like confrontation.

    As far as these e-mails go, I’m actually a little bit annoyed. I mean, at least get a person who knows how to spell. Hell, he could’ve even used spell checker, but no, he was lazy and didn’t care enough to – well I say, shame on him!

    I never thought they were a good match. However, this break-up is definitely showing the worst sides of both of them. I always thought that Jake would’ve been much happier with either Ali or Tenley.

    Now, though I really don’t believe Jake is looking for a wife. He is trying to baby his career, which is very sad to me. Just makes it seem like he was probably never seeking a wife, and used the show to advance his “career”.

  • The way Jake snapped at her in the interview wasn’t right and the way she broke down you could tell she was upset. Team Vienna