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Red Swan Alert: Kristen Stewart Goes Ginger

photo of kristen stewart with red hair, posing for fans outside of the david letterman show

My first reaction was, “Oh, no! She looks like Shirley Manson!” Then I thought, “No, no … Now I remember. Shirley’s cute. Heaven forgive me for confusing her with Avril.” Then it came to me: “She looks like that girl I used to sit behind in Calc Analysis who thought that not washing her hair and exposing four inches of greasy root was the ‘in’ thing to do.”

But then I just got confused. I like Kristen Stewart. And I can’t really pin the insult on the donkey this time, because I’m not sure if I love the new color, or if I hate it with a passion. Or if it has to do with the way her hair’s pulled up in these photos. I’m just not sure.

All I know is that girlfriend better be on the up-and-up in washing that mane of hers, or she really will look like the girl that used to sit in front of me during Calc Analysis, and really, that’s just unacceptable.

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  • I think it's really cute and suits her well. People sometimes need change. I really like it.

  • I can't wait until she gains like 0.2 pounds so you can rag on her for that. I know you're waiting for it.

  • I think she looks great ….like always! Sarah I went to your facebook page and sorry you have no right making fun of this beauty.

  • #1, she looks just fine. that is the most retarded thing i have ever herd ne one say. Screw it, her hair looks cute, and your prolly just mad bc you cnt pull it off.#2 i cant even believe IM commenting on ths. i just stumbeled apon it, read it quick and tottally laughed! this is the dumbest thing to talk about. Get a life. Im leaving to continue with the real world.

  • sorry, what is with this site and the overuse of the word girlfriend? It seems to be a problem with all the “writers”.
    Actually it’s probably a completely automated site where randomly generated names of celebrities are paired with random non-events and interspersed with the word girlfriend and totally, and again random extreme opinions. Clever. Very clever.
    It’s like on south park’s cartoon wars how family guy is written…

    Let’s see how it works… Jennifer Aniston. Handbag. Bad

    Jennifer Aniston was spotted around town today with a new handbag. Girlfriend normally rocks, but this time she looks like totally ridiculous. I’m not saying Jennifer Aniston is the devil incarnate, but if girlfriend doesn’t get a nicer handbag soon, I can’t imagine parents will be too happy when their kids are off doing crack and selling their bodies because of homegirl’s ugly new handbag.
    Wow, I’m going to start my own gossip site.

  • what a stupid writer!! you are just jelaous :P you know that. what ever color she puts, she will still be the same genuine person..