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19The Chick That Beet Wants to Beat is Going Naked For TV

photo of actress emmy rossum singing wearing a checked shirt and jeans at an event in boston, massachusetts

Emmy Rossum, better known as the girl who stole Adam Duritz away from our very own Evil Beet, is starring in a new, up-and-coming Showtime series called Shameless.

Rossum, who I most vividly remember from The Day After Tomorrow — since, you know, it’s on the goddamned television every three days like clockwork — was most recently linked to Counting Crows frontman, Adam Duritz, and claims that she wants to get into the “artsy” side of acting. Read: her movies have pretty much bombed (with the exception of Phantom of the Opera, of course), not a lot of people know who she is, Broadway doesn’t want her and if this Showtime thing doesn’t work, Lifetime’s next on the slate. And you see what Lifetime did for Leann Rimes’ career. Ahem.

Rossum also has a very Enya-esque musical project under her proverbial belt — she’ll be taking her real one off (and much, much more) in the upcoming season of Shameless.

Oh, and just because it’s that ridiculous, I’ve embedded a video for Rossum’s “hit” song, “Falling.” And if any of you say that the song — or the video — is genuis, I’m going to go all biological warfare and bitch-slap you with Snooki’s half-eaten, herp-infested pickle.

June 24, 2010 at 9:16 am by Sarah

19 Responses to “The Chick That Beet Wants to Beat is Going Naked For TV”

  1. Pufinstuf says:

    Yeah, that was pretty bad. At first I wondered if it was actually a hair product commercial.

  2. ChloeDC says:

    Whoa, that was pretty intense. Intensely bad. I'm so confused by it? Did anyone else notice that horrible pea-pod green sack she was wearing? Fashion choices were good until Will & Grace came out.

  3. momster says:

    But there's a puppy in the video…doesn't that make it better??? Jesus – pretty girl – inane video.

  4. indeed says:

    A US remake of Shameless?!!? No! Why can't you just watch the awesome original show and not fuck it up!

  5. AndersonCooper says:

    i have no idea what this post is about

  6. Roxie says:

    Ugh that video. :/ Pick an outfit and stop touching your hair, girl.

  7. casey says:

    That video is horrid. Who told her to keep touching her face like that?

  8. ugh. says:

    If you click on the post you linked above,… there are links to evilbeetuncensored. Either you're affiliated or you're not, but it's confusing. If you deny any affiliation to them I'd recommend removing those links within

  9. ugh. says:

    Ok, good to know. If you hover the cursor you see the address to the unscensored site. I didn't bother to click on it because I didn't want to see any surprise Miley upskirts. I meant that as an observation, btw, not a bitchy comment. I couldn't really care less about whether or not they're affiliated but there's been so much talk about it around here lately I was starting to wonder what the fuss was about.

  10. caroline says:

    that song might have made it like eight years ago. the video just makes me think she's destined to be a catalog model.

  11. arugula says:

    both her music videos have her changing clothes like a million times…makes me wonder if she's just using her singing career as a way to play dress-up on camera? lol. also wasn't this album from forever ago? and comparing it to enya is pretty much blasphemy in my book lol.

  12. arugula says:

    i thought the nipslip and crotch shot gallery was always a part of evilbeet…but now its not? i'm confused lol. guess i missed out on that whole debate. anyways it used to not link to that hardgossip site, and the layout was the same pink and white with the turnip logos.

  13. UlvMor says:

    Oh god is that show just going to be an awful remake of the show from the UK of the same name? I hope not because that show is amazing. Almost as bad as the American remake of Outrageous Fortune I imagine…

  14. casey says:

    That's the basic premise of the debate you missed out on. We always saw the nipslip / crotch shot gallery as a part of evilbeet, but as soon as it showed the Miley Cyrus crotch shot everyone was so upset about, we were told it wasn't affiliated with evilbeet at all.

  15. Kelly says:

    Wow. They had zero budget for that video, huh?

  16. Lozy13 says:

    i'm sorry, but this show will not work in the us. You kind of have to be british to get type of social humour.

    so don't worry about having to see her a whole lot on TV

  17. Kells says:

    The video is mislabeled. It was an amateur video of “Falling” that she made at her home and Geffen had her pull it. She just made it for fun. The critism that it is a bad music video is based on an erroneous premise, as it was never meant to be published.

  18. Kells says:

    She posted the video herself years ago and said she was just messing around. So, yeah, it was done on a small budget… zero dollars, in fact, its just a home movie, guys, give the kid a break!

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