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Jeremy London Claims He Was Kidnapped, Forced to Use Drugs

Jeremy London Got Kidnapped

I’m sorry, but for a story with such serious details, this is the most hilarious shit I have heard in a minute.

So Jeremy London, the fat dude from Party of Five who recently admitted to being a philandering drug addict, was apparently kidnapped on June 10th in Palm Springs. The “actor” was changing a flat tire on the side of the road, when a group of men approached him and offered to help. In return, Jeremy agreed to drive the guys home, and that’s when they held him at gunpoint.

Now this is the unbelievable part: Once Jeremy was “kidnapped”, the criminals used him as a taxi service and made him take them all over town to buy alcohol. He also claims that the kidnappers forced him to use drugs. What kind of kidnappers tell their victim to get out of their vehicle to buy them something (thus interacting with a store clerk or someone else who could help him make an escape) and then give him free drugs? These sound like the nicest and dumbest kidnappers ever.

While an arrest was made and the culprit was charged, this story sounds so ridiculously fake to me. What are the odds that someone who recently admitted to drug problems would get kidnapped and force to use drugs? Sounds to me like Jeremy was on a bender and needed to come up with something fast.

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  • Either this is a case of fact being stranger than fiction or he's been possessed by the wandering spirit of Courtney Love.

    How come guys who aren't philandering drug addicts don't get kidnapped and forced to get high?

    Maybe his tire went flat while he was out scoring something and he and his dealers decided that fixing a flat was cause for celebration and they just over-celebrated.

    It will be intriguing to see how this plays out.