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Hey, Look, It’s Amy Winehouse and Her Boobs Leaving a Club

photo of amy winehouse and reg traviss leaving jazz after dark club in london

Despite rumors that Amy’s in rehab, she was spotted out with new boyfriend, Reg Traviss, leaving club Jazz After Dark in the SoHo district of London last night.

Jazz After Dark. Crafty little name, that. Makes me think of the original Beverly Hills 90210 with the After Dark. And the Peach Pit. And when Brian Austin Green wasn’t wearing eyeliner and wasn’t pussy-whipped by a girl who’s supposedly much less talented than he could ever hope to be. Clearly, we’re in some kind of bad B movie, here, with this Jazz After Dark business. I dig jazz. And I’m quite fond of the dark, but come on. You couldn’t do better than that, SoHo district of London? You’re the height of cool, the sultan of, uh, swing, and the model that sets the example of what it is to be hip. You really couldn’t come up with something better than … ah, fuck, forget it.

I’ll be honest, though – she and Reg make a really 40’s-fabulous couple together. I love the getups, the hair (um, kind of) and the whole black pinstripe-and-tommy-gun-looking combination.

I just can’t believe she’s still wearing those beat-ass ballet slippers.

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